Tough as a Mother Jewelry (Great Gift for Mother’s Day)

I love unusual jewelry and stones that have meaning so I was excited to have the opportunity to review a necklace from Tough as a Mother Tribe which honors the raw, real and joyous moments of motherhood! The mom-owned brand was recently featured in gift bags for guests at the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes.

I was really drawn to the gemstone necklaces. Each has a unique meaning. This Chalcedony Stone Necklace is the perfect piece if you are seeking minimalist mama jewelry that’s still unique. Whether you’re shopping for a new mom gift, jewelry shopping for a loved one or simply looking for a gift for Mother’s Day for your “cool mom” self, this Chalcedony Stone Necklace is my personal fave. It looks lighter blue in person but can also look darker depending on the background.

The blue chalcedony stone meaning ties back to staying cool, calm and collected – even under the pressure of motherhood. The chalcedony stone is believed to help calm our racing minds, balance our thoughts, and increase communication between ourselves and others to help us find a clear path forward, no matter the circumstance.

This Chalcedony Stone Necklace comes on an 18″ gold-filled chain. I’m looking forward to wearing it all summer long!

Tough as a Mother Tribe also features a line of personalized initial necklaces and a beaded Tough as a Mother bracelet.


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