Let’s Nest! 7 Tips for Making Your Home Your Haven

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I have been working from home now for more than two years so suddenly needing to be home is not a new thing to me. It’s so important to have an environment where you feel productive, creative and content. Here are some things that work for me…I hope these are helpful!


I love it when my home smells fresh and clean ( I gotta tell ya’ll that with THREE dogs and a cat this is not always possible but a girl can dream, right?) So…here goes. I love this reed diffuser. It’s not inexpensive but smells lovely and I have this on my desk. I also am a big fan of diffusing essential oils. Right now I have lemon going in my kitchen. It’s fresh and cheerful.  I don’t have any Thieves essential oil right now but I hear a lot of great things about it as a natural immunity booster. We also regularly change out our air filter. I also love my wax melt burner.

White Noise

Sleep is like gold to me. I always use my white noise machine at night. I love the ocean sounds option! We also like to run our ceiling fans at night.


I love listening to productivity music while I work on YouTube  — classical, cafe playlists, binaural beats or even MineCraft music!  I know some people love to have the TV on as background noise but I would rather turn to music. If you’ve not heard of the benefits of binaural beats, it’s actually quite interesting. I also love pretty much any kind of music, including keeping up with what my teenagers are listening to!

Plants and Fresh Flowers

I don’t have a lot of plants but they are a great way to clean the air in your home and bring in a bit of nature. You can also find a lot of great looking faux plants right now, especially succulents. I like to add a bouquet of fresh flowers to my breakfast bar or coffee table to brighten things up, especially since we have had so much rain here in Nashville.


Take some time to declutter your home and donate things to charity. I need to work on this daily but I am trying to keep my home decluttered! It’s an ongoing battle. Now that my girls are teens we don’t have toy clutter but we have a lot of clothing and “stuff.”

Pillows, Throws and Rugs

I know I just mentioned decluttering, but adding some texture and softness to your home is a great way to freshen things up and make things cozy! I change out my pillow covers on my sofa occasionally (Amazon has great, inexpensive pillow covers) and I also love having throws in the den and bedroom.


I get to see a lot of showroom ready homes in my day job, but there’s nothing more cozy and welcoming than seeing a home filled with some personal items. Frame a favorite vintage photo, your child’s artwork or a menu from a favorite restaurant. Display some mementos in your  home office that are meaningful to you (I have an antique typewriter given to me when I was a teenager, a favorite beach vacation photo and a vintage jar of shells on my desk.)

How do you create a haven at home? I would also add that pets add so much to your home. We have three dogs (!) and a cat now and they are always there for unconditional love plus my cat will not let me oversleep…ever. Ha!


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