An Innovative Pillow From One Fresh Pillow & Tips for Better Sleep

Today is #WorldSleepDay and being a busy mom with her own business and two teens I am totally supportive of that and any tips for better sleep!

When I was in my early 40s I went through a period of time where I had difficulty sleeping. I would invariably wake up in the middle of the night (typically between 2 and 3 a.m.) and have difficulty falling back to sleep. There’s nothing that wears on your health and mood like not getting a good night’s sleep!

Now I am more intentional about what helps me get a good night’s sleep so when One Fresh Pillow contacted me about reviewing their new product, I was excited to give it a try! First of all it’s an innovative idea¬† — a pillow that is made for both back and side sleepers. I tend to sleep on my side but if you toss and turn quite a bit, it’s great to have a pillow that will shift with you should you need it to be versatile! One side is firmer and one side is softer and the design makes it possible for each side to separately do their thing!

This innovative pillow design is currently patent-pending and was invented by a Florida couple, Aaron and Adrianne Kautz.¬† He’s a licensed massage therapist who has seen what sleeping with an ill-fitting pillow can do to your neck and she’s a mom (enough said). Together they invented the One Fresh Pillow concept but that’s not enough for this entrepreneurial couple. Through One Fresh Pillow they have also created the world’s first-ever pillow subscription service. With One Fresh Pillow, you’ll get a fresh, fluffy, ready-to-be-snoozed-on pillow that can be replaced as often as you like. Subscribers save 15% and can cancel anytime. It’s great because although we are supposed to change our pillows once a year, who really gets around to doing that? And shouldn’t we all be doing what we can to help get the best night sleep possible?

I was overdue for a new pillow and I love the firmer side of my One Fresh Pillow. I have a lot of shoulder and neck tension and love the support my new pillow provides.

One Fresh Pillow offers convenient online ordering with free shipping on all orders over $85. You can choose a one-time purchase or sign up for a subscription. The best deal is the two-pack for $57.38. Pillows are available in standard and king size and arrive in a fun branded box.

One Fresh Pillow Shipment


One Fresh Pillow Shopping

One Fresh Pillow Review Better Sleep Tips

Now on to my tips for better sleep.

10 Tips For Better Sleep

1.Nix the caffeine. I love my morning coffee but typically stop drinking coffee after 11 a.m. Occasionally I’ll have an afternoon soda, but it’s pretty rare!

2. Watch the sugar. I am super sensitive to sugar and when I was traveling quite a bit for work I could always tell that those fantastic client dinners with equally fantastic desserts would wreak havoc on my sleep quality.

3. Don’t overindulge on alcohol. I love red wine and that’s pretty much my mom beverage of choice these days but despite alcohol being a depressant, too much can alter your sleep rhythms.

4. Invest in a sound machine. I have a simple sound machine and turn it on every night. I’m a big fan of ocean sounds, but there are a variety of options. I really witnessed the effect of white noise when the girls were babies and it helps adults as well!

5. No TV in the bedroom. Don’t watch TV in your bedroom (this goes for watching shows on your phone, too…I may or may not be directing this toward my two teens.)

6. Limit phone activity at bedtime. I am really guilty of getting on social media on my phone at night but I’m working on reading only.

7. Try Melatonin. I’m a big believer in Melatonin as needed as a natural supplement and solution to better sleep.

8. Consider using essential oils. I have an essential oils diffuser and love to diffuse lavender in the bedroom.

9. Try a sleep app. I use the Sleep Cycle app to monitor my sleep. Now that I’ve been using it more than a year I’ve definitely noticed trends. If I am under a great deal of stress, it dramatically affects my sleep quality.

10. Invest in quality sheets, bed linens and pillows. It really does help to make your bedding as comfortable as possible, including your pillows!

I’ve also found tips from sleep expert Michael Brau to be quite interesting. He has an eye-opening quiz on his website that tells you what type of sleeper you are.

What tips do you have for a better night’s sleep? Taking a hot bath, drinking tea…let me know!


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