Artificial Christmas Trees from Tree Classics are Beautiful and Easy to Assemble

We are typically a decorate after Thanksgiving kind of family but we had a rare weekend with very few commitments so we decided to put up our new artificial, fully lit tree from Tree Classics so we could enjoy it during the holiday week. Tree Classics has been in business since 1976 and offers a wide assortment of trees and holiday decorations.


When the Ontario Spruce tree arrived I was impressed that despite the height, at 7.5 feet, that the box was not too bulky. We also received a beautiful gold Christmas tree skirt, two boxes of classic ornaments in gold and silver tones and a storage bag, which will definitely come in handy. I’m kind of storage bag/box/container obsessed because they make packing decorations away so much easier.



The Tree Classics tree came in three pieces that easily snapped together, which is SO much easier than the annual chore we endured years ago to put up the large artificial tree that my husband and I inherited when we first got married. It was a behemoth and a pain to put together as each individual branch had to be inserted into the tree base. This new tree from Tree Classics was so easy that my girls, ages 11 and 14,  could have assembled it solo.

The Tree Classics Ontario Spruce prelit tree took us less than 20 minutes total to assemble. We turned on some classic Christmas music (love Bing Crosby) and unpacked the tree. It took a few minutes to figure out how to plug in the lights in the plugs that are very discreetly hidden at the base of each section. We probably spent more time “fluffing” the tree branches, which feature real-feel needles, than we did actually putting it together. (That’s what you get with a house full of girls.) This is the second prelit tree we’ve owned and I’ve got to say that it is so nice not to hassle with untangling and hanging lights! I also love that this tree comes with a 5-year foliage and 2-year lights warranty. We opted for colored LED lights, but you can order it with clear lights or no lights.


Our new tree looks beautiful, it was incredibly stress-free to assemble, and now I have one less holiday to do after Thanksgiving break!



  1. Jessica Gonzalez says:

    It sure is pretty! We get a real tree each year but I think I have finally convinced my husband to get a fake one! Although I do love the smell of a real one, its a lot less work with a fake one. No need to water it everyday, sweep floors constantly and we can use it every year!

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