Bertolli Frozen Meals Help Bring a Little Mangia Magic to Your Dinner Table

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Gathering at the dinner table with family and friends should be anything but stressful but this fall our work and school schedules have been so full, from soccer to symphonic band, that it’s been difficult to to think of dinner as just another to do on another overloaded checklist.

I just recently tried Bertolli Frozen Meals on a busy work and school night and could not believe how easy it was to make a hot and delicious dinner. The Chicken Florentine & Farfalle is my favorite. It has a light creamy parmesan sauce that is very savory. I literally opened the package, emptied the contents into a skillet and had a fresh and hot dinner on the table in under 15 minutes. Because it’s a skillet meal that means there is also less of a mess to clean up!


Say goodbye to messy and time consuming chopping, slicing and dicing. All you do is open the bag and pour everything into a skillet!

I am a huge fan of pasta and although I am not Italian I am thinking that my lifelong love of pasta has to at least qualify me as fan of the Italian way of cooking, right? For Italian families, dinner is not just a way to satisfy hunger, it is an experience to be savored, just like the food and drink.

This year, Bertolli is encouraging people to live Mangia and eat like Italians do. It’s no secret that Italians devour more pasta than Americans – one-quarter of Italians eat pasta on a daily basis, compared to just two percent of Americans1 – but Bertolli recently spoke with Italians and Americans and uncovered even more ways Italian and American eating differ. Here are a couple of stats that I found especially interesting:

  • Eighty-four percent of Italians eat at the table with family, and 70 percent of Italians eat family-style, compared to 31 percent of Americans who eat family style.
  • Italians are three times more likely to have wine with their meals and more than two times more likely to set the table than Americans.
These results are from an online survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of Bertolli over over 2,000 nationally represttnative individuals in the United States and Italy. The U.S. survey with 1,074 completes was conducted between July 28-29, 2016. The Italy survey of 1,013 individuals was conducted from July 29-August 4, 2016. The margin of error in each country is +/-3.1%.

Bertolli’s completely reformulated line of authentic Italian skillet meals were just introduced in stores this fall and are the perfect quick and no-stress dinner to keep on hand in your freezer for those nights you still want a sit-down dinner but you don’t have time for a lot of prep work. They feature a recipe-like, simple ingredient list with transparent packaging that offers a look inside the bag.


So many families today want more convenient meals with a cleaner ingredient label and these new skillet meals were developed by Bertolli with that in mind. For example, the new Bertolli Italian Sausage & Rigatoni dish has just four components: sauce, rigatoni, Italian sausage and red bell peppers.

How do I bring some Mangia magic, Italian style, to the dinner table? Here are a few ideas:

  • Use cloth napkins for a more formal (and green) table setting
  • Enforce a no technology at the table rule
  • Always use real glassware and plateware
  • Pair an appropriate wine with your meal (for example, a light white such as a Pinot Grigio goes well with a parmesan sauce)

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