Chippewa Boots: My New Fall Favorite

Boots and jeans are my fall go to items fashion staples. I’m all about classic choices and versatility and boots are an investment piece that can go with jeans, a skirt or a dress. I love “collecting” fabulous boots!

I wasn’t familiar with Chippewa Boots, but this is an iconic brand that has been around since the turn of the century…LAST century. I was really excited to be invited to a Chippewa brand event at Haymakers, a gorgeous menswear store on West End Avenue here in Nashville. I’ve driven by Haymakers many times on my way to work.

Choosing which pair of boots to take home with me was a tough decision, but I ultimately chose the tall brown women’s engineer boot. I have two pairs of tall black boots and felt like brown would add some versatility to my wardrobe.

Aren’t they gorgeous?


Chippewa is one of the oldest brands of outdoor footwear in the world. Founded in 1901 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, the brand features rugged men’s and women’s styles. Chippewa is actually credited for inventing the engineer style boot in the 1930s for land surveyors. I also happen to love the name of this brand because my dad’s grandfather was part Chippewa Indian and he has always loved Western art and boots.

I can tell you that these boots are beautifully made and rugged. I know they will last me for years. They aren’t faddish boots that are cheaply made, but truly a work of art. I’ve worn them with jeans and dresses and they are just as comfortable as they are a statement piece.

Do you love boots? Tell me about your favorite pair!


Love these different styles. The lace-up in the deep burgundy color was great!


The packaging and branding for Chippewa has a great all American Western retro look.


Love this rugged men’s style.


I’ll have to head back to Haymakers and check out the men’s fashion for fall. Lots of great sweaters and button downs.


Cheesin’ it up blogger style!

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