You Might Be a Tired Middle School and High School Mom If

This fall has been a lot of fun, but a lot of crazy as well. We’ve had sports injuries (a soccer game concussion and a broken arm during cheer practice) and my younger daughter is now doing cheer, in addition to middle school band.

Last week was fall break for my high schooler, Miss C. Since she is also recovering from a concussion, we didn’t make any big plans. It was still work as usual for her dad and I but she had her best friend (who lives in a different county but had the same high school fall break) over for a few nights. The older girls were pretty easy to entertain and happy to chill at our house most of the time. We did get in a great fire pit night complete with spooky story telling and making S’mores.

Yesterday was my younger daughter’s first ever cheerleading competition in Murfreesboro. Wow, pass the pom poms and hairspray! That is a TOTALLY DIFFERENT scene than travel soccer, which was my older daughter’s major extracurricular activity for several years. We have another competition coming up in a few weeks. I was so proud of my girl and her squad…they did great for their first time! I’m also convinced I saw the world’s largest Ju Ju on the Beat and Whip and Nae Nae dance offs. A cheer competition is kind of like Bring it On mixed with Pitch Perfect, with a dash of screaming, perfect high ponytails, big hairbows and loud music. We left the house about 7:15 and got home about 2:30, just in time for her to go to a birthday party.

Any way, I have been scheduled out the wazoo lately but have been keeping on top of things pretty well I think. I track everyone on our Google calendar and color code my girls’ different activities. Of course there are the idiotic things you do when you have too many tabs open in your brain. Having older kids is definitely much easier in many areas than having babies and toddlers, but once kids are in middle school and high school they start developing their own skills and interests…skills and interests that involve driving them around town or finding someone else to drive them around town. (Is it wrong for your kids to Uber around town? Just kidding.)

Without further ado, you might be a tired mom to a high schooler/middler schooler if:

You come home to elderly dog vomit in the hall and walk through the house spraying what you think is fall scented room spray only to discover it’s hair spray (which you had set out for your younger child’s cheer competition and looks a lot lot your can of fall scented room spray.)

You put a carton of milk in the pantry.

Getting an oil change is a welcome retreat (you can listen to music and browse Pinterest!)

You come home to a hot home-cooked meal in the slow cooker only to realize that you cooked the meal in the crockpot WITHOUT putting in the actual crockpot into the liner (oops…it worked but I do not recommend this method as I’m probably lucky I didn’t blow up the crockpot and burn down our house.)

Washing your hair really seems quite a luxury. Thank you Jesus for dry shampoo.

You make coffee ahead of time without actually putting the ground coffee in…hot water anyone?

You secretly start counting down the days until your teenager can drive themselves around town.

You look forward to Friday nights in your yoga pants and staying up late…until 10.


Today has been a chill day, if chill day includes lots of laundry and getting my oil changed.

Do you have middle schoolers and high schoolers? We have done a pretty good job of limiting activities and balancing out our schedule, but fall is always crazy busy! And next weekend we have zero plans, hurrah!




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