Breaks, Bumps and Bruises

September is turning into sports injury month for us and I’d like to go on record as saying, “ENOUGH ALREADY!”

First broken arm…


You can’t keep this cheerleader down!


And a first concussion for Miss C after taking a ball to the face and blacking out for a few seconds on the field. I know we are fortunate that over the course of her 10-year soccer career she’s never had one but would have been OK without this milestone. I was at Miss A’s football game watching her cheer so I missed seeing what happened but I’m told that was a good thing. And she had to miss her first high school homecoming game to boot (wait we’ve done the boot thing, too.) Thankfully no broken bones this time for Miss C.


OK September you’ve pushed me to my limits. I’m considering bubble wrapping my girls before our local ER knows us by name. Here’s to an injury free October!

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