Give the Gift of Home Cooked Meals With Dream Dinners ShareCrate

Back in April I helped coordinate a brand launch luncheon in East Nashville (at the most adorable AirBnB property I might add) for ShareCrate from Dream Dinners. We had fun catching up and sampling the ShareCrate meals, which is a delivery service that specializes in fully prepared dinners delivered to your recipent’s front door.

ShareCrate Dream Dinners Bloggers

Nashville area bloggers had fun learning about ShareCrate, a new meal delivery service concept from the Dream Dinners franchise chain, which is based in Snohomish, Washington.

Have you ever had a long-distance friend or loved one who could use a home-cooked meal? For many people, loving with food is a traditional way of showing they care. I remember when I had my first daughter receiving gifts of food. It was a thoughtful and much needed gesture! It was already overwhelming enough adjusting to motherhood for the first time, but recovering from an emergency c-section made it difficult to even drive to the store and cook in those early weeks. It was so nice to have some normalcy in the form of a home cooked meal.

ShareCrate offers two options:

  • Medium ShareCrate – Serves 2-3 and costs $89
  • Large Sharecrate – Serves 5-6 and costs $139

Each Dream Dinners ShareCrate contains three different low-prep, low-stress homecooked meals dcarefully hand-packed in a Styrofoam cooler with dry ice and are delivered via FedEx. The ShareCrate has full instructions about how to cook each dinner. The first dinner is a cook from frozen option that goes straight from the freezer to the oven (this was my favorite option). The other two meals are to be placed in your refrigerator to thaw for days 2-4 days. Each meal comes with an easy-to-follow instruction card and nutritional info.

Dream Dinners ShareCrate can be ordered from any state in the U.S. but deliver is currently available for delivery to Alabama*, Arkansas*, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia*, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa*, Kansas*, Kentucky, Maine*, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi*, Missouri, Nebraska*, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota*, Ohio, Oklahoma*, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina*, South Dakota*, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington D.C., West Virginia, and Wisconsin.  Additional delivery areas will be added in the coming months. (*limited delivery area).

I love supporting companies that give back, and Dream Dinners, the parent company of ShareCrate, runs an active nonprofit called the Living the Dream Foundation.

My Dream Dinners ShareCrate arrived via FedX at my front door and I immediately opened the box, unpacked the styrofoam cooler inside and placed the Chicken with Honey, Garlic & Orange with Oven Roasted Broccoli and the Sesame Glazed Meatballs with Jasmine Rice in the refrigerator and the Creamy Chicken Florentine Tortellini in the freezer. Everything is bagged and labeled and the pasta dish comes in its own disposable aluminum casserole dish. Seriously, all the work is done for you!



Confession time, I am an “okay” cook but cooking is just not my thing. My husband, however, is an amazing cook and is much more adventurous in the kitchen. He works quite a bit and I’m working full time again and there are just some work and school nights where the thought of making dinner is just too much.

Here is my rundown of each delicious, virtually no-prep meal (and be sure to read to the end as I’m giving away a ShareCrate valued at $89 at the end of this post to one lucky, and hungry, reader!)



Creamy Chicken Florentine Tortellini

I made this meal first and this was definitely the easiest dinner ever as all I had to do was turn on the oven! I am a huge fan of pasta so I was excited about this meal. It was good, but it was extremely simple. If you have picky eaters in your house they will love it. It’s definitely not a gourmet meal, but a good family dinner option that should please everyone from young children to grandparents. I served it with a simple spinach salad. I cooked this on a night when it was just me and my girls and we had tons of leftovers.

oven broccoli

Chicken with Honey, Garlic & Orange with Oven Roasted Broccoli

The honey, garlic and orange marinade that came with this meal was absolutely DIVINE. It had an amazing rich smell and really complimented the chicken and kept it moist. I loved, loved it so much that I would probably buy it as a separate marinade. My girls even loved the broccoli, which was a pleasant surprise. This meal was a big hit with all of us and our favorite of the three options. This involved a little more prep, but still was minimal, and also had to be thawed, but was still extremely simple to make. The broccoli came in a large sealed freezer bag and just had to be tossed with the garlic topping that was also already prepped and sealed. Confession, it took much much longer to thaw the chicken that I anticipated so I ended up grilling it and brushing on the marinade. It turned out excellent, however, and I think it probably was the more tastier option than cooking it on the stove.

easy meatballs recipe
Sesame Glazed Meatballs with Jasmine Rice

This meal was probably the least loved of the trio, but no one in my family is a big fan of meatballs. I thought the taste of the meatballs was excellent. I was also pleasantly surprised that the pre-cooked rice tasted as amazing as it did!

Now on to the best part! One lucky BlondeMomBlog reader will have a chance to win their own Dream Dinners ShareCrate with 3 complete dinners valued at $89.

Here’s your chance. Leave a comment on this post letting me know a time when a delivery of three fully-prepped dinners to your doorstep would have been a wonderful gift. Pretty simple! If you’d like additional chances at winning, please do one of the following for one entry each. (Leave a separate comment on this post to let me know which of these additional “extra credit” steps you take.)
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Giveaway ends Tuesday, July 5, at midnight.

FTC Disclosure: I received a DreamDinners ShareCrate as well as additional compensation for this review and giveaway.

















  1. melissa says:

    I LOVE DREAM DINNERS! they’re so delicious!! i’d say 6pm would be a great delivery time!! <3

  2. Belinda says:

    Meals after the birth of each of my six kids were greatly appreciated! These meals also would have been appreciated when my husband was working full time and in nursing school. It would have been so helpful to have ready made meals on some of those crazy hectic nights alone with the kids.

  3. Belinda says:

    I follow Dream Dinners Share Crate on Facebook
    Belinda Burton
    mikebelindaconnor at hotmail dot com

  4. Belinda says:

    I follow Dream Dinners Share Crate on Instagram
    mikebelindaconnor at hotmail dot com

  5. Clare O'Brien says:

    This would have come in handy for father’s day! Unfortunately I’m a terrible cook 🙂

    • Callie C says:

      Pre-made meals would be great for when my mom is working and both my brother and I have late activities and no one is home to cook dinner.

      I also followed all of the facebook pages and tweeted the link!

  6. allyson says:

    When my hubby lost his job and we didnt have much to live on 3 meals delivered would of been a blessing to our family!

  7. jessie says:

    THis would help out so much with a ill husband and a 5 year old.. not much time to do much these days

  8. Lauryn R says:

    This crate of 3 home cooked meals definitely would have been helpful on the days after coming home from the after having my babies! 🙂

  9. Chris says:

    I really could have used one when work got hectic, I was too tired to shop, too tired to cook and my kid lived off canned ravioli and canned Alfredo chicken. She survived though!

  10. Gail Fernandez says:

    Right after coming home from having my children would have been a great time to have a fully-prepared meal delivered.

  11. renee says:

    Anytime I have ever been sick in bed would have been a great time for someone to give my husband some share crate meals!

  12. allyson says:


  13. Ronda says:

    We work in the farming industry and any time during field work, spring, summer or fall this would be wonderful.

  14. Annamarie V says:

    I use to work for my Husbands company and we worked really long hours helping build the company and some weekends too, I would have loved a good healthy meal to get us through the week.

  15. Jenny S says:

    I’m scheduled for ankle surgery in the fall. I’m “mom” and the main cook and this would be an excellent help for my family.

  16. emily l says:

    When I first had my son. Luckily I have another opportunity arriving this month in the form of our newest addition. 🙂

  17. Madeline says:

    This would be a wonderful gift when we have appointments in the evening and not much time for dinner preparation.

  18. Chrissy says:

    This would have been a wonderful gift when I started going back to work full time after having a baby! It would still be a great gift any night of the week since it’s tough to juggle cooking, baby, husband, working, etc!

  19. Darlene Owen says:

    A good time for these meals would be great as my husband just had a knee replacement and my dog had surgery on his leg so soon I will be having to take care of my husband as well as walking my dog that has had surgery.

  20. Lynne says:

    A delivery like this would have been great during the time when my 90 yr. old dad was in the hospital after a stroke and I was running back and forth to the hospital and eating frozen meals or cereal at odd hours.

  21. Sheila K. says:

    I could have used such a gift a while back when my sister was very ill and there was little time for preparing meals!

  22. lisa kay says:

    This would have been perfect for when i went on vacation with the girls and lft the guys home to fend for themselves!

  23. Barrie says:

    When I had shingles (third time under the age of 50) the last time, I could have really used three meals from Dream Dinners ShareCrate as I was in severe pain and couldn’t shop or cook. My teen could have easily cooked!

  24. Renee Rousseau says:

    Celebrating a Staycation would be the perfect time to have three fully-prepped dinners on doorstep! Would be a wonderful gift!

  25. elizabeth miller says:

    These would have been great last year when I had surgery for an aneurysm. It would have made life so much easier for my hubby and my kids.

  26. janetfaye says:

    Three fully-prepped dinners to your doorstep would have been a wonderful gift when I worked a week of overtime.

  27. Crystal Rose says:

    This would be great in the winter when I catch a cold. I’m too sick to cook and drive at some point every season. It would be a lovely to have this then.

  28. Karen says:

    On those long hot days when my husband has been driving all day, Dream Dinners would be a great time. I have MS and can’t cook or do a whole lot so he has to cook for us. Sometimes like we all know you are tired from working a quick dinner would be so much better than a sandwich and soup.

  29. Allison Swain says:

    This would have been great last month when I moved. I didn’t feel like cooking at all

    Thanks for the chance to win

  30. rachel says:

    A dinner on the doorstep was much appreciated during the traditional events, like after each of my kids’ births, as well as when we had deaths in the family but also would’ve been great the first week of school 🙂

  31. Alison says:

    I received a dinner after my second daughter was born, and it was a lifesaver. Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. Angela Saver says:

    A time a delivery of three fully-prepped dinners to my doorstep would have been a wonderful gift is after I returned home after spending a week in the hospital, with two young kids at home!

  33. Jessica Sage says:

    Meals this week would have been great! I’m recovering from a surgery so have been limited with grocery shopping and cooking

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