Spring Cleaning Made Easy With My bObsweep

I’ve been spring cleaning this weekend and it feels great to open the windows and air the house out. Since I am all about multi-tasking and cleaning made easy I have been running my new bObsweep Bobi Pet Robotic vacuum and mop while I’ve been doing other glamorous things such as cleaning out the refrigerator and discovering I am a ketchup hoarder.

Remember when you were a kid and you’d watch The Jetsons and you imagined that one day robots would pretty much do everything for you, including your homework? Well fast forward 30 plus years and now I do have my own robotic vacuum. Isn’t she a beauty? And she’s a redhead. Maybe I’ll name her Joan like Joan from Mad Men. (Do you think she could make cocktails?) I am admittedly not always the best housekeeper in the world, and the bObi Pet is like my personal minion making me feel less lame about all the dust bunnies looming in the corners of pretty much every room in my house.

BOBsweep box

The bObiPet arrives neatly packed in a nice carrying case with a handle.

Any way, all kidding aside there are several things I love about the bObsweetp Bobi Pet Robotic Vacuum:

  • HEPA filtration -With three dogs in our house, we need all the help we can get filtering out allergens such as pet dander.
  • Easy assembly – The bObsweep came expertly packed with easy to understand directions in a neat briefcase type carrying box that had everything organized. There were just a few set-up instructions and she was ready to go! (after a good charge)
  • Simple touchscreen buttons – The bObsweep just has three simpe buttons on its surface to tell it what to do. Juice (needs to be powered up); Go (sets it in action); and Waffle (concentrates on cleaning a smaller area which is perfect for cereal spills or other messes.)
  • Washable dust bin – We are so hard on our vacuums that I really like to be able to clean every surface possible so it’s nice to be able to remove the dust bin and wash it out.
  • 5 functions at once – The bObsweep will sweep, vacuum, mop,  sterilize your floor with a special UV light and filter out allergens with its HEPA filter ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Can I get an Amen?
  • Sweeping super power – Do you like to sweep? Heck no. I have found that even after vacuuming with my regular vacuum set on the hardwood floors setting AND running a Swiffer over my hardwood floors that there is still a ton of dust in the corners and by baseboards. The eavy-duty side brush flings pesky dust bunnies out of the baseboards and into the dustbin so that I never have to look at them!
  • Two-year warranty
  • Cleans relatively quietly. Although bObi does make some noise, she is certainly not as loud as a traditional vacuum.

bObi pet sweep


Bobi dust bin

This is what the bObsweep cleaned up (tiny dust particles, dog hair, dirt, etc.) on what I would consider to be a fairly clean hardwood area on sweep mode alone. I was impressed! She is FANTASTIC at getting into tight squeezes, such as underneath your sofa. Just make sure you don’t have any rogue socks to get sucked up.

The bObsweep comes with a remote control and if you are into the techy gadgetry thing you can program her to sweep and clean while you are away although I have not yet used this option as I have still yet to master my TV remote. Still, it comes in handy if you want to come home to clean floors and program everything to be done, like magic, while you are out of the house. Our dogs are also typically in the house and I’m just a little leery that our chihuahua/pug mix may hop on board and take a spin down to the neighborhood park.

You can also set up a boundary if you have a room that is off limits to bObi thanks to the bObi block which creates a linear invisible boundary.

I have not been using my bObi Pet regularly on our berber carpet in the den although she is certainly qualified to clean it. I have been beyond pleased with her cleaning ability on our hardwoods (which makes up about 60% of the flooring in our home) and the vinyl in our kitchen.

When bObi isn’t cleaning, she lounges at her charging station and avoids eye contact with our three dogs.

You can purchase a bObsweep at their online store or on Amazon.

Disclosure: I was sent a bObsweep robotic vacuum to test and review. All opinions expressed in this post are mine.











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