Making a Living as a Writer and 8 Sources for Freelance Writers

If you follow my blog regularly then you may have noticed I am not updating quite as often. I still love to blog, though. I don’t think any old school (ie pre 2010)  bloggers are publishing as often. Plus with my girls now both in middle school, the parenting tales I can share are few and far between. Can you imagine if your mother had written a blog about your middle school years? Middle school is difficult enough without your mom sharing your every move on the Internet. I can barely get a Facebook photo approved by my almost 14-year-old!

I’ve been busy managing blog content and social media for freelance clients, though, as well as serving as president of the local Nashville chapter of Femfessionals, an organization I absolutely LOVE. I’m also now a franchise writer for a great company here in Nashville. The gratifying part of all of this is that I’m truly putting my journalism degree to work and I keep returning to my original work “love” – writing.

Last fall I started writing a monthly post for the ADS Security blog. Their blog covers a lot of great safety topics geared toward families. You might want to check out these latest posts I’ve written: 10 Time Savers for Busy Moms or Digital Safety Tips for Tweens

I’m still helping to manage blog content for Families Connect based here in Nashville and I recently covered an absolutely fantastic guest speaker at Harpeth Hall, author Lisa D’Amour, who discussed what it’s like to raise a teenage girl these days. Check out my post, Untangling the Mystery of Teenage Girls. Although I have not read her book, Untangled: Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions into Adulthood based on her recent talk I know it will be fantastic and a huge help to all my other fellow mamas raising teenage girls! We need all the help, and wine, we can get.

I’ve got a very full plate now, but at one point I was looking for freelance writing opportunities daily. I thought I’d share 8 great resources for freelance writers that helped me find writing and social media management opportunities.

UPDATED September 2017 to add – here’s a fantastic article with additional resources!

freelance writer job boards

Eight Sources for Freelance Writers

Indeed – It’s definitely worth uploading your resume to Indeed as well as searching daily for job opportunities. Last fall I was contacted by someone launching a new digital agency who found me through my resume posted to Indeed. Although the job didn’t work out, I was so glad that I was “discoverable” on Indeed.

Problogger Jobs – The listings on the Problogger jobs page are worth taking a look at, although it has been my experience that “blogging” opportunities typically do not pay as well as those touted truly as copywriting or writing jobs. – This is a fantastic resource for all sorts of writing jobs. The Morning Coffee newsletter was at one point a daily (M-F) blog post but is now a weekly newsletter. I would highly recommend subscribing to this newsletter if you are seeking work as the author searches several resources and compiles them.

LinkedInLinkedIn job search and the related app (which is free) is a fantastic resource to look for contract opportunities. The key word “telecommute” is a good search term if you are looking for remote opportunities.

Craigslist – Yeah, yeah. I know…Craiglist? While I would not make Craigslist the first place I search daily for freelance opportunities, the writing/editing section on your city Craigslist site as well as nearby cities is worth perusing.

Journalism JobsJournalism Jobs is a great site for journalists and while there are not as many freelance listings, it was always part of my daily repertoire of searches.

PRSA – The national website for PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) has a fantastic online job board which includes writing and speechwriting opportunities.

IABC – I was a member of the local Nashville chapter of IABC (International Association of Business Communicators) for many years. Their national website has a jobs board, but the majority of jobs are only available to view if you are a member. It’s worth noting,  however, that many local chapters have their own website. Nashville IABC, for example, has public job opportunities listings.

Do you have any resources to share for freelance writer job opportunities? Let me know in the comments below!







  1. Leisa Hammett says:

    Yet again, thank you! You have always been so generous. Grace and I are both in transition and I’m looking for some creative income production opportunities in the future and had felt I could not longer go the freelance route because it no longer mustered much funds.

  2. Glen says:

    Thank you for this information. I started bloging a year ago and enjoy it veery much. I’m at the stage now where I’m looking for freelance opportunities.

    I believe Upwork is also a good site to find some freelance jobs.

    Thanks again

  3. Duke Vukadinovic says:

    Hey Jamie,

    I agree that blogging is great as a writing playground and it can be also a very good way for building friends and community around the blog.

    Another good advice for aspiring writers is to find online communities that they like and feel like participating in and start blogging there or guest posting there.

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