No More Fighting Over the Remote Thanks to XFINITY

With two middle school age daughters, we host a lot of weekend sleepovers. Movies are always in order but if both my girls have friends over they typically don’t agree on the same movie. I know. Crazy RIGHT? At least we can usually always agree on our movie snacks.

Did you know that with XFINITY, fighting over the remote is a thing of the past? XFINITY’s Cloud capabilities provide a whole new level of family entertainment. You can stream every channel live in the comfort of your home, your couch, your corner of the living room…wherever– a crucial feature that Google Fiber doesn’t offer.

live streaming movies

My favorite spot for movie watching…the couch!

If your husband can’t miss Sunday Night Football, but neither of you can miss the next episode of The Walking Dead, no worries. With Cloud technology from X1, you can stream channels live to your devices while connected in your home so everyone can watch what they’d like. This is especially great during the holidays! We must keep the peace people.

Google Fiber doesn’t carry this capability, meaning you’ll have to head to a different room (WHAT) or wait until everyone else is done with the TV to watch your shows. If you love live tweeting an awards show (and hate spoilers) like I do, you’re always going to want to watch live.

Christmas break is right around the corner. Say my 13-year-old and her friends want to watch Paper Towns and my 10-year-old and her friends want to watch Inside Out…no problem. XFINITY enables us to stream up to five devices simultaneously.

Visit XFINITY’s website for more information about XFINITY live streaming capabilities.

Disclosure: I am a XFINITY Digital Ambassador Program participant and am being compensated for my posts this holiday season regarding XFINITY. As always, all words and opinions expressed on my blog are mine, all mine!

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