XFINITY Cloud DVR Can Save Your Sanity (And Your Favorite Holiday Movies)

Are you traveling over the river and through the woods for Thanksgiving? We’ll be visiting my mom and my inlaws but won’t be traveling out of state, luckily for us. Even if you’re just traveling an hour or so, like us, it’s nice to know you have options for keeping your kids entertained in the car. Did you know that XFINITY offers the ability to watch recordings on the go? You can download your DVR’d shows and take them with you, which is especially helpful to know since many of us will be hitting the road soon for Thanksgiving!

I love to travel with my girls, but sometimes keeping them entertained (and not texting their friends 24/7) during long trips or even while running errands on the weekends old. Keeping a few of our favorite shows or movies preloaded on our iPad is a sanity saver while traveling! I was not familiar with XFINITY’s cloud DVR but let’s just say we’ve come a long way since my girls were toddlers and we lugged around a portable DVD player for road trips. Many a DVD was watched during our 8-hour beach trips!

Most Nashvillians know that Google Fiber is coming to our area, so when XFINITY reached out to me to share some highlights of their service, I was interested to see what they had to offer. XFINITY has some pretty amazing features that are unique to them and really make life much easier and THAT is something that totally rocks for me as a busy working mom.

Google Fiber can’t offer the kind of flexibility offered by XFINITY Cloud DVR. Plus the X1 Cloud DVR allows for 500 GB of storage, meaning you’ve got tons of favorite shows and movies at your fingertips after downloading.

Need some road trip holiday movie inspiration? I thought I’d share a list of our favorite family holiday movies that we love year after year, and are perfect if you have tweens and teens (like me!)

Favorite Christmas Movies

Polar Express – A wonderful adaptation of Chris Van Allsburg’s classic picture book featuring Tom Hanks.

Christmas Story – Ralphie and his Red Ryder air rifle and the leg lamp. You can’t go wrong with this movie, which is my sister-in-law’s favorite holiday movie.

The Snowman – This is actually an animated short that is breathtakingly beautiful and with virtually no dialogue. It’s perfect for younger kids, but older kids (and even adults) will love the message and the music.

Santa Buddies – We’re big dog lovers at our house and while this is no contender for best Christmas movie, it’s still a cute one that my girls enjoy, even at 10 and 13.

Elf – Will Ferrell plays Buddy the Elf in this sweet newer classic that reminds us that we are all just kids at heart during the holidays.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – Chevy Chase made the dysfunctional family look pretty normal in this hilarious movie about the Griswolds and life in suburban America. This one is definitely more suitable for older kids (10 and up).

How the Grinch Stole Christmas – I’ve been watching this Dr. Seuss classic since I was a kid. We also love the book!

It’s a Wonderful Life – I’ll never forget taking my girls to see this as the downtown Franklin, Tennessee, movie theatre on the square a few years ago. It’s a classic that is great for the entire family, from grandkids to grandparents. Jimmy Stewart never gets old and it’s a great reminder to younger generations that movies were once filmed in black and white.

A Charlie Brown Christmas – There are some things from your own childhood that you just can’t wait to share with your kids and this Christmas special is one of them. You’ll never look at Christmas tree shopping the same again. I also love the soundtrack to this classic.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – This is another animated classic that takes me back to my own childhood. Of course back then you actually waited for the TV special and then had to wait another entire year to see it again!

A Christmas Carol – We love the Jim Cary version of this classic Charles Dickens’ novel about Ebeneezer Scrooge and how the spirit of Christmas softened his hardened heart. This movie can be a little scary for little ones, but is perfect for my middle schoolers.

Happy Thanksgiving travel and let me know in the comments below what your favorite holiday family movie is!

Disclosure: I am a XFINITY Digital Ambassador Program participant and am being compensated for my posts this holiday season regarding XFINITY. As always, all words and opinions expressed on my blog are mine, all mine!


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