10 Recipes For Leftover Halloween Candy

Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy

I know what you’re thinking, WHAT leftover candy? Well, chances are your eyes may have been bigger than your stomach as my mom used to say and you overpurchased Halloween bags of candy when they were on sale. Maybe you stashed some away to keep it out of sight out of belly. Whatever the reason may be, you have candy. Lots of it. Let’s put it to good use!

Here are 10 recipes for leftover Halloween candy, plus a few suggestions as the end of this post for ways to donate your sugar to a good cause.

And because I love you so much I’m also only featuring recipes with 7 ingredients or less!

Chewy Butterfinger Cookies

Butterfingers are a personal favorite of mine, and these cookies look amazing!

Butterfinger Cookies Easy Recipe

Via Sally’s Baking Addiction

Candy Corn and White Chocolate Blonde Brownies

There are two kinds of people, those who love candy corn and those who hate it. If you have an extra bag, these blonde brownies are a great treat to whip up!

candy corn blondies

Via Averie Cooks


Peanut Butter Lovers Trail Mix

Trail mix is an easy way to mix up an after-school mix that sneaks in the healthy with the bad. This variety is a great way to use up extra M&Ms.

Trail Mix M&Ms

Via Rachel Cooks

Candy Bar Poke Cake

Say you want to just get it all over with and toss all that sugar in one mixing bowl and create a dessert on steroids. This candy bar poke cake is a great way to get rid of leftover treats. Just don’t let yourself be alone with this cake unless you have all the willpower in the world.

Easy Candy Bar Cake

Via The Domestic Rebel

Kit Kat Krackle Cookies

Kit Kats in cookies? Sounds like a winning combo and this recipe calls for a whopping FIVE ingredients. Can you handle it?

Simple Kit Kat Cookie Recipe

Via Oh Bite It

Malt Ball Fudge Featuring Whoppers

Speaking of whopping, fudge is deceptively easy to make and this Whoppers fudge is a great way to put those babies to use. Technically this recipe calls for 8 ingredients, but one is a pinch of salt so I don’t think it will put you out that much! These would be great to package up and give as gifts.

Easy Fudge Made with Whoppers

Via Shugary Sweets

Reese’s Krispy Treats

These Reese’s Krispies are so simple to make your kids can master them!

Reese's Krispy Treats Dessert

Via Oh Sweet Basil

Two-Ingredient Milky Way Bars

Yes two ingredients. You have no excuse not to make these if you have leftover Milky Way bars!

Milky Way Bar Recipe

Via Your Homebased Mom

Twix Popcorn

Popcorn and movie night would be oh so much sweeter if you made this popcorn mix! Serve it in a popcorn bowl and curl up under a heated throw for a cozy popcorn and movie night in.

Twix Popcorn Mix Recipe

Via Something Swanky

No Bake Granola Bites

You had me at no bake. These would make a great after-school treat or sweet treat packed in a lunchbox.

No Bake Granola Bites Recipe

Via Like Mother Like Daughter

Want another way to put your leftover Halloween candy to good use? Consider donating it. Here are a couple of ideas:

Operation Gratitude sends more than 100,000 care packages annually to U.S. troops stationed overseas and to their children left behind, as well as veterans. The organization’s mission is simple: to put a smile on soldiers’ faces. Operation Gratitude accepts donations of unopened candy, and asks that you separate and mark “chocolate” versus “non-chocolate” packages. The website contains other important shipping info, and kids are encouraged to include letters and pictures, too.

Individually wrapped candies are accepted throughout the year to help boost morale overseas through Operation ShoeBox. Visit OperationShoebox.com to get the mailing address for donations.

Ronald McDonald House does so much for families of hospitalized kids, including accepting candy donation for them. You can search for a local branch here.

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