6 Ways to Create New Outfits Without Spending a Dime

I don’t know about you, but I don’t always have time or money to shop. Sometimes I just look in my closet and think, “UGH I have nothing to wear” when the reality is I have plenty to wear but I just may get stuck in a rut.

The beauty of having a teenager daughter is that I sometimes…wait for it…raid her closet. I don’t advocate doing this all the time, but occasionally borrowing a scarf or a fun piece of jewelry can be just the shake up you need to shake it off, as Taylor Swift says, and get dressed up and out the door.

Here are 6 ideas to create new outfits without spending a dime.

scarf fall

Add a Scarf – So I did raid my daughter’s closet for this pink infinity scarf. Yes adding a scarf is a great way to change out a look or add color or a new pattern without spending much money.

Change out Your Jewelry – Do you typically wear all gold jewelry or all silver? Mix it up! You don’t have to stick to the same jewelry finish. Add a funky statement piece such as a necklace or pin from an artisan or craft sale this fall. This is a fun way to support a local artist and change up your look if you are typically predictable.

silver and gold jewelry mix

Source: Pinterest

Mix Prints – Mixing prints is BIG right now ya’ll. Big. Take a fashion leap and mix florals with plaid or plaid with stripes. Still an old-school not gonna mix it up kind of gal? Check out this fun outfit for fall:

plaid and stripes

Source: Pinterest

Add a Blazer – A classic blazer is a great way to add warmth and timeless style and you can pick one up at a consignment sale or on sale relatively reasonably priced. Wear it over a sleeveless sheath dress or a silk shell and jeans. More formal than a cardigan, a well-made blazer looks elegant even if you don’t feel like getting dressed up. It looks like you’ve made an effort. No one will know it’s just the jacket. (Ha!)

Add Tights – I love patterned or textured tights in the fall and winter and they are a great way to create a new look and added dimension to an outfit.

Look on Pinterest – Own a navy blazer, or a button-down chambray top, or black skinny jeans? Do a search on Pinterest for outfit ideas for some of your wardrobe items and you will come away with DOZENS of ideas for wearing them! Pinterest serves as a great visual inspiration for daily outfits.

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