Soccer Mom Meet Band Mom

Back to school and back to crutches was not a scenario we were expecting this fall but life happens.  Miss C has retired from the travel soccer circuit and made captain of her middle school team. She was looking forward to playing her last year and then an unfortunate thing happened during the first after-school practice.


Broken Ankle Soccer Girl

Yes, almost one year exactly after fracturing her left ankle she fractured her right ankle. The good news is this time it’s a hairline fracture and no physical therapy is required so recovery is happening faster but not fast enough for our girl who really wants to get back out on the field.

soccer injury

Injured soccer players still must keep up appearances. Miss C needed to make a makeup aisle pit stop the day after her injury. Priorities people!

After years of being a soccer mom, I am now also officially a band mom.

Not one to go for the ordinary, Miss A set her sights on an instrument taller than she is…the bassoon.

bassoon middle school

Watch out world!

Miss A’s first middle school band concert is in late October. I would say “break a leg kid” but we don’t want any more injuries in this house!

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