Tips For Making Middle School A Success (From My 8th Grader)

My sweet 5th and 8th grader…wait how did time fly by so quickly?

It’s back to school this week for many Nashville area students and a momentous occasion at our house – we officially have two middle schoolers!

Now that my older daughter is a seasoned 8th grader, she had a lot of great life lessons to share with my younger daughter who is just starting out in middle school as a 5th grader (yeah we start middle school early in Nashville public schools.)

Middle school marks a big transition from the tween to teen years and helps prep your child for high school. I thought I’d share these words of wisdom from my 8th grade daughter for making middle school a success in hopes that they may make the transition easier for your child!


Tips for Making Middle School A Success

  • If you have a very strict teacher don’t let it ruin your entire year. Just laugh it off and have fun with your friends
  • Since you’re going to be starting middle school they’re going to be different schools gathering at that one school so you’ll make new friends.
  • Always eat a good breakfast to start of your day or you won’t be able to pay attention in class and you’ll miss the material.
  • Develop good study habits such as taking good notes in class. Flashcards and quizzing  yourself are also good.
  • Middle school days are set up differently. In elementary school usually just have one homeroom teacher and it’s where you stay all day (except for related arts) but in middle school you have multiple classes with different teachers so I suggest that you learn how to maneuver between classes during the bell.
  • PE is different because you could have your own gym locker and you have to change into gym clothes.
  • There will always be drama around but don’t let it distract you.
  • Make sure you really study hard starting in seventh grade, especially, since you may qualify to take some high school credit courses in eighth grade.
  • Just remember to have fun in middle school as it is actually one of the most fun times in your life as a kid.

Do you have middle school age kids? How has the transition from elementary school to middle school been so far?


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