Keeping My Working Mom Mojo With My Intel 2 in 1

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This summer vacation has not been much of a vacation juggling my girls’ schedules and our busy lives in general, but trust me I get in as much pool time as I can. With a new teenager in the house officially as of June 6, I have been doing a lot of “mom taxi” service, whether driving her to a friend’s house or to a babysitting job.

I was also recently honored to be appointed president of the local Nashville chapter of Femfessionals, a global women’s networking organization, and I have found it extremely beneficial to bring my Intel 2 in 1 HP Envy to our monthly networking coffee meetings. It is sleek and lightweight, but extremely powerful. I can check last-minute RSVPs, look up our PayPal account, respond to emails, and post meeting updates to social media while on the go.

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With the many hats I wear, it is critical that I make the most efficient use of my time as possible. Bringing my Intel 2 in 1 along with me while I am out and about means I can also make a quick stop to catch up on work. All I need is a Wifi connection and I’m golden.

Here are other ways I have used my Intel 2 in 1 on the go this summer:

  • Worked while in the waiting room during my dad’s recent outpatient surgery for kidney stone removal (where a woman stopped to ask me what kind of device I was working on)
  • Taken it to freelance client meetings
  • Worked remotely from my husband’s office
  • Updated my blog
  • Researched our next family vacation
  • Referenced a recipe while I make dinner
  • Shown my girls YouTube videos
  • Listened to music while doing housework (the built-in Beats audio speakers offer amazing impromptu house dance party grooves!)

I love the sleek portability of this machine (you can also turn it on its side for “portrait” viewing) and the touch screen. If I need a more traditional keyboard, it securely locks into the portable keyboard. I also love the kickstand in the back, enabling me to stand it up on our breakfast bar while I’m in the kitchen.

Just because I’m not sitting at a traditional desk this summer doesn’t mean I’m not working. And my Intel 2 in 1 is the best co-worker I could have as it helps keep my working mom mojo going!



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