Celebrating Mom With Tuesday Morning

I love to shop but I’m not a big fan of malls. That’s why Tuesday Morning is one of my favorite go-to stores for gifts. I’m over on the Tuesday Morning blog talking up gift ideas for celebrating mom, whether she’s the mom who loves to entertain or the DIY glue-gun totin’ mom or the mom who prefers to drink margaritas on the patio. (Guess which one I am?)

Margarita Pitcher Celebrating Mom

Check it out!

I was just out at our local Tuesday Morning again yesterday and picked up some items in their spa and beauty section, too, along with a fun new bath mat for our hall bathroom that needed a little spring pick me up.

Have you done your Mother’s Day shopping yet? Check out Tuesday Morning’s store locator to see if there is a location near you! You can also sign up to receive their e-mail notifications on new discounted items.



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