Tips To Ditch Blogger Burnout

Tips to avoid blogger burnout

Let’s face it, we all burn out on the things that we love doing. Next month is undoubtedly one of the busiest months of the year for me with end-of-school year activities. That said, I may simply not have time to post here on my personal blog (or, rather, I should say I may not make the time…it’s all a choice!)

There are so many resources available to help you manage blogging that there’s really no reason for crickets to chirp on your blog for an extended period of time. But still, give yourself some grace and give yourself a break if you need to. There’s no joy in blogging, or any pursuit for that matter, if you no longer are passionate about it.

I asked my fellow bloggers in the Nashville Women Who Blog Facebook group what advice they had to avoid blogger burnout and they offered up these great tips:

  • Writing a series usually keeps me plugged in. If I know I promised 3 pieces about X, then I feel I HAVE to turn it out. Deidra Romero, Deidra Writes
  • Sometimes you just have to unplug. Heck you can always reshape old content. I know for me I sometimes just have to take a mental break. Alicia Lampley, Coilylocks
  • Hire a VA (virtual assistant) to help with some simple round-up posts when you have holes in your editorial calendar. That way, you can still have content that will be of interest and you have to do very little work. (I have found VA groups on Facebook to be helpful for these). Jessica, The Mom Creative
  • A blogger friend of mine always said if it quits feeling fun, she’s done. She kept her number of times [top post] per week to two and she didn’t beat herself up about it. I think it’s important to know why you are blogging and not get sucked into other people’s reasons, what other people say you must do and, instead, get in touch with what feels right for you—even though it may be going to a different drummer. Leisa Hammett



Here are some additional tips to avoid blogger burnout:

Publish guest posts – Establish a list of go-to guest bloggers you can rely on for great content.

Create a series – Every summer I publish a series of 15 Minutes to Fabulous guest posts that not only provides me with a much needed break over summer vacation, but provides my readers with great content (I also feature the posts on a special Pinterest board.)

Sign up for a writing challenge – It’s probably my Type A personality, but I enjoy a good challenge when it comes to anything from fitness to fantasy football. Consider signing up for a writing challenge like NaBloPoMo. Need more ideas? There are a ton of them!

Recap past posts – Consider updating a past post with a reader update or doing a wrap-up type post from older content such as Our Favorite 2015 Vacation Destinations or Our Favorite Family Dinner Ideas for Spring.

Keep an editorial calendar – My blog friend Jessica Turner told me she uses the WordPress Plugin to help keep track of her content. Here are three WordPress editorial calendar plugins to check out as recommended by iBlog magazine.

Attend a blogger event – Anytime I am around other bloggers I always leave reenergized and rejuvenated. Looking for an event near you? Check out this list I’ve compiled of 2015 blogger conferences.

Quit obsessing over stats – I’ll admit that when I first started blogging I was obsessed with my page views and visitor stats. I’ve learned now, especially with the onset of so many competing social media platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest, that it’s really your cumulative stats that matter and the level of engagement. Unless you’re aiming to be the Beyonce of bloggers, just let it rest. Look at your stats to determine what content resonates best with your readers and to determine why and when you get spikes in traffic, but quit looking them daily.

Hang out with your non-blogger friends – We bloggers are a rare weird breed. We love to discuss things like SEO, Pinnable images, and plugins. Most people? Not so much. Hang out with some of your non-industry peeps for dinner or coffee and discuss some undecidedly non-blogger pursuits.

Balance your blog life – Find another hobby that is anything but blog related and don’t think about how it could become another source of blog content. Read a book, volunteer in your community, bike ride with your kids, garden…just do it and don’t document it (you weirdo!) Just kidding…not really.

Break up with your blog – Your blog can be like family. You can nurture it, love it, work on it, but let’s face it…you need your space. Break up with your blog for a week or so (but be sure to have a plan in place such as scheduled guest content), log out of your Twitter account, don’t look at your stats…just get away for a bit and when you reunite you’ll feel recharged. Take a break. The world will not end if you stop blogging for a while. I promise. 😉

What tips do you have for avoiding blogger burnout?







  1. Mary Bernard says:

    Great ideas, Jamie! Right now, I’m doing the opposite – trying to get re-focused after having been on a break. I would just caution not to go completely dark when you’re on a break. The momentum that you have when posting regularly is hard to “get back” after a break. 🙂

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