Promote Your Blog Content On Your Sidebar

You don’t mind promoting your favorite products or brands with blog ads, why not promote your own valuable content? Don’t be afraid to toot your own horn! Promote your blog content on your sidebar just as you would your social media buttons or your favorite brands.

I’ve noticed lately that some of my favorite bloggers are promoting their own best of content on their sidebar with visually appealing graphics.

Not sure where to start? Use Google Analytics to determine your top blog posts for the past 6 months or year and create a graphic (or you may already have an existing graphic that works) for your sidebar to link to that post. Seasonal topics are also perfect for promoting (summer travel, back-to-school guides, Christmas).

Here are 5 examples from 5 different bloggers who are effectively promoting their own content with custom graphics that are really subtle ads for some of their best posts.


Bewitchin’ Kitchen



Jo-Lynne Shane

jo lynne house ad

The Suburban Mom


Faithful Provisions

faithful provisions breakfast ad

Kayla Aimee

kayla aimee start a blog


Think about your own content categories or most popular posts and how you could link to a specific content tag on your blog or post with a visually appealing sidebar graphic.



  1. chieyine says:

    Every blogger thinks about the best way to promote his content. Thanks for the post at least it opened my eyes to different ways to promote my content

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