Saturday Night Mom Style

netflix lol

Happy Saturday night! It’s been a good chill weekend as my almost 13-year-old would say. We had a big travel soccer tournament scheduled for the weekend but the crazy rain and storms that blew through Nashville Thursday have rendered the fields unplayable. So we’ve had some unexpected (but welcome) down time.

We have a house full of girls tonight…my 10-year-old has three good friends over and they’re watching Paul Blart Mall Cop.

I’m hiding downstairs and thought I’d share a few things that have us buzzing this weekend (besides sugar!)

Shawn Mendes Stitches

I’ll admit I totally love this song! And he’s Canadian and he’s 16. #feelingold My 7th grader actually turned me on to this song. We may or may not have been dancing around the kitchen to it earlier.


The Top Knot

This messy updo looks very cute and seems to be the go to look for teens. My 7th grader wears her hair this way every weekend and it’s super casual and super cute. Here’s a great tutorial.

Star Wars: Episode VII

This has me totally nerding out, especially the ending. My all-time fave movie in fourth grade was Empire Strikes Back. This takes me back on so many levels.

Happy weekend! What’s got you giddy?








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