Things I Love Thursday (Woke Up To Snow in March in Nashville Edition)

Disclosure: Amazon affiliate link used to support my Starbucks and shoes fund! Some products listed below were sent to me for review consideration. As always, all opinions expressed on my blog are mine.
Happy almost Friday! I haven’t posted a Things I Love Thursday wrap up in some time and I have several great things to tell you about. We woke up to a couple of inches of snow here in Nashville (and it’s still snowing) which is pretty crazy considering out “spring break” starts March 22.
Belli Skincare
 Belli Skincare Although Belli’s line focuses on skincare products for pregnant mamas, they carry a full line of great products good for any woman who wants to use products minus any harmful chemicals. Belli also sent me body wash, body lotion (has a lovely clean and light lemony scent), and my second favorite product from their line, the Healthy Glow Facial Hydrator, which is the perfect pair to the Eye Brightening Cream, which I have been using daily before I apply my eye makeup.
CapriClear Moisturizing Coconut Spray I had a really bad case of poison ivy last year and still had residual marks on my legs. This coconut spray is great for helping extremely dry patches of skin and eliminating scars from bug bites and more. Really great stuff.

natural car air freshener

PURGGO Air Freshener If you have kids who play sports or do any sort of activities, such as Scouts or music, you spend a lot of extra time in your car. PURGGO sent me their eco-friendly air freshener for my car and I love that it doesn’t mask odors with scents, but absorbs them. Plus one PURGGO air freshener lasts more than 365 days! “Recharging” it takes a little natural sunshine for an hour every month or two. Plus it looks cool! It’s also 100% asthma and allergy friendly.

Logitech Bluetooth Multidevice Keyboard There are times when I’m traveling or attending an event and I don’t want to bring my laptop or a tablet but I want to take notes. This nifty keyboard extender from Logitech (which makes fantastic tech accessories) is very easy to use. You simply place your iPhone (or tablet) in the cradle and it connects via BlueTooth, allowing you to type as easily as if you were on a laptop. I know if I try to take notes on my iPhone I have difficult typing. This is a great geek or blogger gift, especially for someone who attends a lot of conferences or meetings.

Fre wine

Fre Nonalcoholic Wine I gave up wine for Lent (yes seriously) and I laughed at the thought of non-alcoholic wine, however this red blend by Sutter Home’s Fre line is delicious. I don’t care for non-alcoholic beer at all and virgin dacquiris and other girly girl beach drinks often have too much sugar. This is perfect for sipping in the evenings. And come April 2 I can have the real deal (hollah!)

PURGGO Got dogs? Got kids? Your car probably smells like it. I’m just sayin’. This is a really cool Eco-Purifier, made with 100% Bamboo Charcoal. It’s an eco-friendly way to eliminate (dog) odor from your car (or room) plus it’s all-natural, non-toxic, and totally safe to use around kids and pets.

Knot Genie Detangling Hairbrush My younger daughter got her hair cut at Divas and Dudes last weekend and the stylist used this brush on her hair. She loved the way it worked on her hair so much that my husband promptly ordered her one. It’s great if your child has long hair that tends to tangle. It detangles without major ouches! Great if your daughter is tender headed.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Spray

This stuff is a working mom sanity saver this winter! I have dry hair, but my roots tend to get a bit oily and when you have “naturally highlighted” (ahem) blonde hair like mine, it can quickly look drab after a skipped shampoo or two. I’d been wanting to try a dry spray shampoo and when I read the reviews for Batiste on Amazon I was sold. The light blonde formula adds a touch of color and lightens and refreshes my roots, meaning I can skip a shampoo and not look shabby! A can sells for less than $10 on Amazon and my first can lasted about a month.


Wordologies I love stationery and pretty coffee cups so I loved the goodies that Wordologies sent me. I also love that they are a company that gives back. 5% of sales proceeds to Women for Women International, which aids women survivors of war all over the world. The coffee cups are my fave and are lead free and made in the USA.

Nashville Humane Association Donations When we lost our sweet boy Jack in January my neighbors made a donation to the Nashville Human Association in his honor. We are huge proponents of rescue dogs and the shelter and this was such a thoughtful way to honor our boys memory.



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