CitruSolution Got Our Carpet Spring Ready

Citrusolution Review

Disclosure: CitruSolution cleaned one room of carpet in my home as well as a sofa in exchange for my honest review. As always, all words and opinions on my blog are mine all mine!

Dog hair and carpet. Muddy paws and carpet. Doggies who bring mouthfuls of kibble upstairs to eat on the carpet (seriously why dogs do this?) I love love my dogs, but none of these things are a good combo!

It’s officially March and I’m officially ready for spring, even though the big date isn’t for a few more weeks. I’ve been cleaning and organizing like crazy, purging our house and donating and consigning things. I haven’t embarked on full-on spring cleaning yet, but I definitely wanted to get our carpet cleaned as it’s been a while and our home cleaner just wasn’t cutting it.

We have two dogs, and up until a few months ago we had three, and our berber carpet has taken a beating. We’re not at the point to replace it yet (we want to go with hardwood floors in our den so that we’ll have hardwoods throughout the majority of our house) so I was thrilled to learn about a local carpet cleaning company that uses all natural ingredients.

CitruSolution sent a cleaning team out to my home a couple of weeks ago and I was thrilled with the job they did. I had pretty much lost hope that our carpet could look better but it not only looked better, it smelled better, when they left. They also cleaned (by hand mind you) our tan chenille sofa and throw pillows.

What makes CitruSolution different from most carpet cleaning companies? The cleaning solution they use it not your typical soap-base cleaner. I learned from CitruSolution Ed Voorhees that soap detergent on carpet actually leaves a residue that traps dirt. So while your carpet may initially look clean after using a traditional shampooer, it will quickly retain dirt that is tracked in by you, your kids, and your pets.

CitruSolution also smells amazing. They use only natural, safe ingredients to clean your carpet so there are no overwhelming chemical smells filling your home. I know that after using some really strong cleaners in my home I want to run and open all the windows, but not with CitruSolution.

CitruSolution also dries quickly. Most traditional shampoo cleaner processes soak the carpet, padding and sub-floor, which may induce mold growth.

Here’s the lowdown on CitruSolution’s unique three-step process (which also involves vacuuming with an industrial-strength vacuum as a final step):

1. Apply the non-toxic CitruSolution, which contains no soap or shampoo.

2. Activate the CitruSolution with a rotary brush and bonnet to neutralize germs, allergens, spots, and embedded soils, and bring them to the surface.

3. Vacuum with a Lindhaus HealthPro Vacuum to remove surface soil.


Most carpet cleaner contains harmful chemicals such as perchloroethylene and naphthalene, which have been linked to damage to the human nervous system. If you want a safe cleaning solution for your carpet that won’t be harmful to you, your kids, or your pets, CitruSolution uses an environmentally-friendly, citrus-based cleanser. It contains citrus acid (like lemon juice) and d-Limonene (extracted oil from citrus rinds), which not only works, but smells great! The d-Limonene agent has been proven to fight against dust mites and other household allergens. CitruSolution’s proprietary formula neutralizes spots, traffic areas, soap and detergent residue, red wine, and even pet accidents. Most carpet cleaners leave your carpet very damp. CitruSolution’s low-moisture process eliminates the possibility for mold to grow. We had really bad high-traffic stains going from our kitchen into our den and I was amazed that it came clean!

Another bonus? CitruSolutions’s team will leave you with a bottle of their spray spot cleaner for touch ups and those oh whoops party foul moments (like popsicle droppage, and wine spillage).

CitruSolution also works with small businesses and realtors for their carpet cleaning needs. (And they clean area rugs!)

Now I’m ready for spring and so is my carpet!


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