Fun Facts, Powerful Pics: National Geographic Kids Books Make Science Cool

National Geographic Kids Bug Book

Only a National Geographic photographer could make a bug look this up close and personal and amazing.

I grew up seeing copies of National Geographic at our house in the magazine rack and today we continue to receive the magazine (thanks to a gift subscription from my brother each Christmas.) I love the amazing photography and indepth articles in each issue. Did you know that National Geographic also publishes an amazing line of children’s books focusing on nature and science?

If you follow me on social media you also know that I’m a huge fan of Zulily, a great flash sale sight featuring tons of great brands and deals for your entire family and home (and even your family pet)! Zulily is featuring a big sale on National Geographic for kids this weekend. These gorgeous books make wonderful gifts and are the perfect choice for sparking your child’s interest in science, nature, animals, and more. My 4th grader also loves their Weird But True series and will literally finish one in an afternoon – she has a couple of the books that she has selected at her school book fair.


Zulily sent us two amazing hardback books from the National Geographic sale: Bugpedia  and the Animal Encylopedia (both on sale this weekend for just $12.99). My 9-year-old daughter loves them and was so excited when they arrived! The timing was perfect as well since we have had 8 snow days here in Nashville and screen time was beginning to chip away at our brain cells.

These are awesome books that your kids will spend hours poring over. They’re filled with really cool facts, beautiful full-color photography, and are a great way to encourage your kid to unplug. Yes there may be an app for everything now, but these are beautiful books that make a great addition to any kid’s library and they’re the type of books that you’ll save.

Have you ever purchased any National Geographic book for kids?



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