Saturday Morning Pins: Christmas Is Next Week OMG Edition

Good morning! Can you believe Christmas is next week? If you’re like me, Christmas break has officially begun for your kids and you’re feeling a little like this…

cocktails for christmas lol

And if you’re a working mom like me you may want to take a winter’s nap during the next week but there are presents to wrap and Christmas cheer to be made!

Here are a few simple ideas I’ve pinned to my Happy Holidays board on Pinterest that don’t include any Elf on a Shelf shenanigans (thank you sweet baby Jesus). Click on the picture and you’ll be magically teleported to the pin as fast as Old St. Nick. You’re welcome! Christmas is next week people!

Snowman gift package idea

If you’re wrapping presents until the umpteenth hour, you might as well make them stand out! How cute is this stacked snowman gift idea?

Christmas crack

My co-worker Kristen introduced me to cracker toffee last year. Five minutes and five pounds later, I was in love.


Rudolph pancakes

Speaking of yummy things, I love this Rudolph breakfast idea.

Christmas specialsOne of my favorite Christmas memories from childhood was watching my favorite Christmas specials. Here’s the scoop on the entire schedule because despite Netflix and Redbox, there’s just something about tuning in to a TV special.

Grinch Cookies

These are too fun. You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch but even you can’t stop the power of baking!

christmas scent

I love all the holiday scents at Christmas. This is a great way to make your house smell amazing. And if you have three dogs like we do, it helps mask the festive Fido aroma.

Snowman Pizza Idea

Do you want to build a snowman? I’m not sure we’ll have a white Christmas here in Nashville, but we will have pizza once or thrice during Christmas break. I love this snowman pizza idea and this would be fun to make all winter long.

Christmas lasagna

My girls both love lasagna. I may have to make this! I get a little tired of holiday food and Italian is a fave around here.

Have a great weekend and remember…

jingle all the way




  1. Kristin Goodson says:

    My favorite holiday recipe is for my Grandma’s Japanese fruitcake! The marshmallow icing is amazing!!

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