Helping Harried Moms Handle The Holidays: Tog & Porter Concierge Service

Tog & Porter Gift Concierge Service

As a busy working mom the holidays can be more jacked up than joyful. Keeping organized lists, staying on top of our family calendar, and saying no, not to mention having an emergency bottle of wine, help me stay sane.

I’ve never used a personal shopping service before, but during Christmas I will gladly take all the help I can get! I’ve worked with Tog & Porter in the past to review their style service, and this year they’ve introduced a Holiday Gift Concierge service. Basically you pay them a fee to search for the perfect gifts for the friends and family members on your list.

The personal shopping service is reasonably priced, in my opinion, for all the leg work and research it saves you. The service offers two options. One option is for Tog & Porter to send you links to 3 amazing gift ideas for everyone on your list (1 to 12 people). Or for a more hands-on approach (meaning more time savings for you) and an additional $20 per person, Tog & Porter will handle it all! They’ll pick the gift, wrap it, and write your card. That kind of service is worth its weight in peppermint lattes people!

Signing up for the service was really quick and easy. After deciding to try the service out for my two girls, I filled out a brief survey so that my personal concierge (think Santa’s helper for mom) would know what my daughters likes and dislikes are. From garden lovers to book work worms or movie buffs to fashionistas, Tog & Porter’s personal shoppers are ready to find the perfect gifts. The fee for searching for three ideal gifts for my daughters was $25. I filled out the online form and less than a week later I was sent a personalized email outlining several gift ideas, with the majority priced at less than $50.

The 3 options for each of my girls were perfect. The ultimate gift is a little secret between me and my personal shopper, but here are a few gift ideas I was sent.


Bubble Gum Factory

Monogram Pillows

Percy Jackson Journal

Have you ever used a personal shopper during the holidays? Would you?

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