Shades of Gray (Hair)

Shades of Gray Hair Trampoline

Recent conversation with Miss A, my 9-year-old:

“Mom I LOVE Sally’s trampoline. It’s awesome! It’s really old so it’s been jumped on a bunch so the straps are kind of loose and it’s on a hill so it slants and you bite your tongue when you bounce really hard but it’s ok because it’s SO fun.”

There goes any brilliant notion of buying a trampoline any time soon.

The girls would LOVE a trampoline. Do you have a backyard trampoline for your family? Any advice on purchasing one? I know that an enclosed trampoline is a safety must although after the crutch chronicles with Miss C this fall, I’m not sure this mama can handle any variety of trampoline. I’ve also avoided gray hair up until now, and the of 50 Shades of Gray Hair doesn’t sound like much fun.

Edited to add: (a year later and we still DON’T have a trampoline). Don’t tell our kids, but I think the parents are winning this battle.

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