Nashville: Lower Prices Coming to a Kroger Near You

Disclosure: I received a Kroger gift card at this blogger event. As always, though, all thoughts and opinions posted on my blog are all mine.

While I am a huge bargain shopper and rarely pay full price for anything, I have a confession to make. I hate clipping coupons. Hate it! I’m a total coupon slacker. I do, however, shop sales and generally plan our meals and snacks around the best deals.

I’ve been shopping off and on and Kroger for years. There’s a Kroger conveniently located near my daughter’s school, making it easy to make a mad OMGWHATSFORDINNER run, not that I ever do that. Ahem. I am also a huge fan of their Kroger Plus discounts on gas since I drive a gas beast of an SUV.

The lovely PR folks with Kroger’s Nashville Division invited me to attend a blogger luncheon at the Green Hills store recently to discuss their new store-wide reduction plan, which includes lower prices on thousands of items, from coffee to cereal. One of the highlights of the event was meeting THE Ms. Cheap, Mary Hance with The Tennessean. If you don’t read her column, you should.

Nashville Kroger Low Prices Program

After lunch we took a tour of the store to get more details about the price reductions, which includes national brands, produce and Kroger’s Simple Truth natural foods line. As we toured the produce department, which now features several fruits and vegetables grown here in Tennessee, I honed in on the lettuce since we make a lot of salads in the summer. All lettuce is now 99 cents, including Romaine. Bring on the croutons! Fresh produce is definitely my preference as opposed to canned or frozen veggies but can often be pricey. Several produce items that families purchase frequently were part of the markdown initiative, including fresh peaches (which were $1.99 a pound and are now 99 cents a pound) and Roma tomatoes (which were $1.29 a pound and are now 99 cents a pound.) I was also impressed with the new lower prices on Lysol brand cleaner. I love their lemon all-purpose cleaner and the price has been permanently reduced from $2.69 to $1.99.

As a busy mom slash coupon slacker I am always happy to hear about ways to lower my grocery bill. Kroger is also rolling out their new store-wide price reductions in Southern Kentucky and Northern Alabama. Atlanta and Nashville area Kroger shoppers are already seeing the new prices.

Do you shop at Kroger? Have you noticed the price reductions?






  1. Meredith says:

    I have to admit, I dislike the attitude of our Kroger employees so my husband is the Kroger shopper of the family! However, I will have to stop in and compare prices after reading your post, Jamie!

  2. Katie Rushton says:

    Good to know! I haven’t noticed the lower prices. However, I’ve been trying to buy my produce at the Farmer’s Market, as it is much less there vs at Kroger (Organic Peppers at farmer’s market are $0.50 vs 2/$5 at Kroger) What??? Will definitely be paying closer attention next time I’m in Kroger!

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