If Baby Models Could Talk

I’m as guilty as any mom of going a little overboard occasionally on clothes, especially when my girls were little. There was one Christmas I spent way too many brain cells picking out the perfect coordinating outfits for their Christmas card picture. I’ve finally lightened up to the point where matching t-shirts from Target or Old Navy are just fine, thank you very much.

Let’s face it, though. Most of these diva duds are really just for the bemusement of moms. Enjoy as I poke a little fun at some fashion shots and imagine what these trendy tots are really thinking.

I have to hold on or will fall down

Please take this ridiculous bow off my head NOW before I tip over or a swarm of bees attacks me.

jelly the pug damn right

 Damn straight my mama paid $57 for this outfit. What are YOU wearing?

sad baby in leopard hat

Wait, you mean I have to wear leopard again? You know I hate leopard!

you just spent 178 dollars sucker

DAD, mom just spent our entire Costco monthly budget on this outfit! Sucker!


baby in chevron

Mommy, is that chevron? You know chevron gives me nightmares!

eeyore sucks

If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times. I FRIGGIN’ HATE EEYORE.


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