5 Easy Changes for a Better You

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Welcome to my annual 15 Minutes to Fabulous series! Over the next few weeks I’ll feature some fantastic guest writers. Let’s face it, give a busy woman 15 minutes of uninterrupted time and she can conquer the world…or at least 15 minutes of it! Today’s guest blogger is a friend and colleague of mine here in Nashville, Mary Bernard. Please follow Mary on Twitter and Facebook and visit her blog!

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” No matter what’s going on, what task you’re facing, or for which goals you are reaching, you must take baby steps to get there.

Little bites of elephant one at a time.

That’s why I love the idea of 15 minutes to becoming fabulous. Those 15 minutes here and there add up. You start nibbling at the elephant and before you know it, you’ve cleaned your plate!

And so, I’m challenging you with these small bites you can take today, this week, or this weekend for all-around life improvement. Generally, they are so easy to incorporate into your routine that you’ll probably find they become healthy habits before you know it.

  1. Want to Eat Better? With each meal, add in at least one fresh fruit or veggie. A side salad. Carrot sticks. An apple. Don’t worry about taking anything away. Just add.

  2. Want to Feel Better? Pick up the phone and make those appointments you’ve put off: primary care doc to check cholesterol, triglycerides, thyroid hormone, and Vitamin D levels. OB/Gyn for a pap smear, an annual mammogram, and a dental checkup twice a year. Oh, and don’t forget to do monthly self breast exams and to floss daily.

  3. Want to Be Happier and More Productive? Aromatherapy is terrific for boosting your mood and energy levels and increasing concentration and focus.

    I have used Young Living (YL) Essential Oil blends with much success. YL’s Frankincense and Valor rubbed on my wrists perk me up when I’m feeling draggy and down. A hot bath or foot soak with Peace & Calming helps me wind down at night and get relaxed for sleep. When I’m working, diffusing Clarity or Citrus Fresh helps me overcome procrastination and distraction to get things done.

  4. Want to Look Better? (OK – this may take a little longer than 15 minutes, but trust me on this one.) Go to a professional, high-end lingerie store and have a proper bra fitting. Don’t go to the fancy mall store, and don’t go to a department store. Find a little boutique where old ladies have been fitting quality bras on women for at least 20 years. A properly fitting bra makes your clothes and posture look better, which helps you feel more confident. And yes, you’ll pay upwards of $70, but it’s so totally worth it, and the girls will thank you.

  5. Want to Be Smarter? Buy a TV for your kitchen. What? You say. With so much information being hurled at us everyday, you probably think another television in the house is a huge mistake. But I love listening to the local and network news on the kitchen TV while I’m making dinner and cleaning up my kitchen. This is often the only window of time I have all day when I can concentrate on what I’m hearing. Plus, I’m not distracted with online reading all day if I know I can catch up on the news at 5 p.m.If you’d rather use a radio, that would work, too. But I do want to know local news. I don’t have a good radio source for that, so that’s why I like turning on the TV.

(And for the record, I hate being uninformed. I know that some people would rather just ignore news head lines, but I think you’re a more well-rounded person when you have an inkling of what’s going on in the world.)

I hope you can see how making these little changes in everyday life could create big change over the long haul.

Just start with one bite—15 minutes—and pretty soon, you’ll see a more fabulous you!

Mary Bernard is a writer, wife, and mom to a daughter and identical twin sons. She blogs at WritingMomof3.com. Follow her on Facebook [www.facebook.com/marybernardblog] and Twitter.


  1. Katie Rushton says:

    Love this Jamie & Mary!! Great tips and I especially love the one about a good fitting bra!! This is SO true, and I see clients on a weekly basis that don’t have one. We have a great store in Nasvhille (Beloved Intimates) that is wonderful. The owner, Emily Tulloh, is fantastic at fittings, and they carry good, quality bras!!

    • Mary Bernard says:

      Thanks for the tip, Katie! I will have to check them out. I usually go to Rebekah’s (formerly Rebekah’s Lingerie) in Green Hills. I always get outstanding service and fit. But I’ll definitely give Emily a visit soon. 🙂

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