Things I’m Love Thursday (With a Side of Awesomesauce)

Things I love Thursday july

Disclosure: Amazon affiliate link used to support my Starbucks and shoes fund! Some products listed below were sent to me for review consideration. As always, all opinions expressed on my blog are mine.

Things I love thursday

Happy almost Friday! I haven’t posted a Things I Love Thursday wrap up in a while and I have several great things to tell you about, including something that is totally awesomesauce (literally).

Hide Away Pets – First off if you’re looking for a fun gift for a little girl or little boy you’ve got to check out the new Hide Away Pets. I’m still a sucker for cute stuffed animals and these guys are the perfect size for snuggling. My 9-year-old adores her cute penguin we were sent to review. They retail for just $19.99, which is a great price point for cute! I predict these little guys will be hot during the holidays! There are seven pets to choose from and I’m especially partial to the Hedgehog and Siberian Husky although they are all completely adorable.

Tropical Pepper Co. Mango Coconut Sauce – My husband discovered this awesome Mango Coconut sauce at Harris Teeter and it’s amazing on grilled fish. We’ve tried it on Mahi Mahi but I’m sure it’s delish on other seafood, including grilled shrimp. Totally recommend.

Sugar Scrub Wipes – I’m always on the lookout for great products that travel well and I love this makeup remover, scrub wipe combo from Sugar. PLUS it smells like a sugar cookie! This is perfect for tossing in your cosmetic bag.

PUR Attitude Serum – I love products that are gentle on my skin but work hard for their money! The older I get the more I struggle with dull skin and I’ve been using PUR Attitude’s Wild Durian Fruit Peel off and on this summer. I love it and I think my skin looks pretty darn good for nearly 45! PUR Attitude features several formulas and none have any harsh chemicals.

Caligenesis Immune Support Supplement – I honestly never made much attention to supplements, other than a multivitamin, until I hit 40. Caligenesis is a line featuring squid ink (yes, squid ink) which helps strengthen your immune system, cell growth, and more. If you’re under a lot of stress and constantly fighting off colds, I’d definitely check this out. I haven’t had a coldĀ  in well…I can’t even remember!

Smirnoff Vodka Summer Edition – Smirnoff is a classic and vodka is perfect for mixing light summer cocktails. I love the limited edition American summer themed bottles by Charleston artist Jay Fletcher. This bottle just looks plain pretty ya’ll so you may not want to toss it once the vodka is all gone.

All American Wine Chardonnay – This is the second wine from All American Wine we’ve tried (I mention their red wine here) and although I’m not typically a white wine drinker I loved this wine. It’s not too dry, it’s light, and it didn’t last long at our house, always a sign of a good wine.

Have you tried any of these products? Tried anything great you want to tell us all about it? Let me know in the comments!



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