Carmel Limo Car Service: Tips For Stress-Free Transportation During Travel

Disclosure: Carmel Limo provided me with a voucher for one free airport to hotel transportation in exchange for my honest review.

I love flying but sometimes air travel logistics can be stressful. That’s why airport bars are soooo popular (ba-dum-bum). I’ve recently discovered an option I’m definitely adding to my stress-free transportation tips.

While planning my recent trip to New York for my niece’s wedding, I needed to arrange for transportation from LaGuardia Airport to our hotel, located about 35 miles outside the city. My brother-in-law suggested that I contact his favorite car service, Carmel Limo. He lives in Tampa and frequently travels to New York on business. Since I was traveling solo with my 9-year-old I really wanted to streamline everything as much as possible.

I’ve never used a car service before but now that I have I will definitely be incorporating it into my travel itinerary from now on when traveling to a large city and when I’m not in need of a rental car.

5 tips for stress free transporation

Here are 5 reasons to consider using a car service on your next trip:

1. Punctuality

Trying to hail a cab in an unfamiliar city during rush hour can add unnecessary stress to a work trip or family vacation.. Carmel Limo also has the highest on-time record in the business. I’ve missed a flight and had a near-miss before and it’s not a great way to start (or end) a trip!

2. Safety

Car service companies regularly service their fleet of vehicles, meaning you can rest at ease knowing you’re using reliable and safe transportation.

3. Dependability

Our driver was waiting for us when we arrived at LaGuardia and it was such a seamless process to schedule a pick up. Carmel Limo Service has been in business for more than 25 years so I knew they were a reputable company I could trust.

4. Relaxation

Being able to kick back and relax, check voice mail and email, and enjoy talking with your travel companions is possible if someone else is doing the driving. Car service vehicles are clean and pleasant.

5. Pricing

You can view Carmel Limo’s pricing online, taking the guess work out of that portion of your travel budget. We used the most economical choice, the four-door sedan, and it was perfect for me and my daughter.

I was impressed with Carmel Limo’s service area and glad to see they service BNA here in Nashville as well as several major metropolitan cities on the west coast and the east coast.

If you’ve ever experienced the edge of your seat thrill ride known as a New York taxi ride, then Carmel Limo is a much smoother, and relaxing mode of transportation which was just what I was looking for for my daughter and I (although riding in a yellow cab in New York City is on her travel bucket list.)

Carmel Limo offers a full range of vehicles, from full-size sedans all the way up to super stretch limos if you’re feeling a little more Lady Gaga.

The best part about Carmel Limo, however, is their free mobile app. After downloading the app you’ll earn $66 worth of Car Cash applicable toward your next ride using the Carmel Limo App and anyone who enters your referral code upon downloading the app will also earn $66 Car Cash as well. Suh-weet! Once they book a ride, they’ll get an additional $6 Car Cash and you will, too. You can also share your code directly through the app via text messaging, email, Facebook or Twitter. My referral code is 1015969 and you’ll bet I’ll be sharing it with family and friends who travel. You will also earn airline miles for every dollar you spend with Carmel Limo.

You can book rides directly through the app, viewing available cars and scheduling pick ups. You can also scroll through the many airports serviced by Carmel Limo, such as Nashville. Just enter your airline, flight #, and name of city you’re arriving from.

Carmel Limo App Nashville


Planning a trip to New York this year? I’d highly recommend Carmel Limo. Follow them on Facebook and check out their app and all the cities they service!



  1. Nikita Arora says:

    My Self Nikita Arora and I am agree with these post that if you looking for Car Services then you can contact to Carmel Limo Car Services Company for Booking your Trip. Because they have features like Punctuality, Safety, Dependability, Relaxation, Low Price.

  2. Delores Lyon says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I agree that it is important to be on time, especially if you are traveling for business purposes. Hiring a limo service will ensure that you won’t be late because there is already a designated car for you. Getting a taxi can be a little too risky, especially if you are short on time.

  3. Art says:

    You got it right! It is super important to be on time when on the road, whether for business or leisure. Reputable car and limo services specialize in getting people to the right place at the set time! Great article!

  4. James Molitor says:

    I’ve used Carmel Car service 3 times: 1st time it was fine.
    2nd time they left us standing at the IND airport for more than an hour, well past midnight. The airport was deserted! When the SUV driver finally showed up, he was out of fuel!
    We got a 10% rebate to use for the 3rd Time. This time is was a pick up at our home, to the IND airport. About an hour late, a stressful ride to the Terminal. On both the second trip & third, Carmel Car obviously completely forgot about, us.

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