The Power of Pinterest For Businesses

Social Media Monday

And….it’s Monday! We had a crazy busy weekend. School was officially out for my girls on Friday, my older daughter played in a state travel soccer tourney, and my younger daughter and I headed to New York for my niece’s beautiful wedding.

The blog show must go on, though, and I want to share a guest post with you all about the power of Pinterest for business that I wrote for local marketing adviser Jacqueline Hayes who is also a fellow Femfessionals Nashville chapter member.

With more than 70 million users to date, Pinterest is now one of the top online social networks. Despite this, many traditional business owners are unsure about how to incorporate Pinterest into their online marketing strategy.

Pinterest is a powerful digital marketing tool, especially for product-based businesses targeting women. Sixty-nine percent of Pinterest users have found at least one item that they’ve bought or wanted to buy and 80% of users are women. Here’s a great Infographic illustrating the buying power of this Pinning demographic from Social Fresh.

As Pinterest grows, more and more businesses are getting savvy about how to creatively incorporate it into their marketing strategy.

Please visit my guest post on the Crayon and Marketers blog for 10 tips on how you can harness the power of Pinterest to fuel your marketing strategy.

How do you incorporate Pinterest into your marketing plan?


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