7 Quick Tips To Improve Your Blog

Great list of 7 Quick Social Media Tips to improve your blog

Social media can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes simple steps can reap big ROI. I’ve compiled a list of 7 quick social media tips to rock your blog:

1. Quick Facebook About tip. Make sure you blog URL shows up in the abbreviated About section on your Facebook fan page. Otherwise, potential fans will have to take one more click to discover your blog link. Put the URL at the beginning of the short description so that it will appear on the front page of your Facebook page.

2. Pinpoint what’s Pinworthy. Pinterest is one of the top 3 traffic drivers to my blog. Use pinterest.com/source/INSERT BLOG NAME to find out what types of posts are most Pinnable from  your site. For example, to see mine you would type: http://www.pinterest.com/source/blondemomblog.com Tailwind is also an INCREDIBLE analytics tool to dig deep into your Pinterest analytics.

3. Maximize Google+ descriptions. Use bold key searchable terms and words on your Google+ updates by place an asterisk on either side

4. Switch to the new Twitter. Have you redesigned your Twitter cover image? Here is a helpful article that outlines the most current image dimensions for all social media channels: http://postcron.com/en/blog/social-media-image-dimensions-sizes/

5. Pimp it for Pinterest. Your blog posts should include at least one Pinterest friendly image. Preferably use images that are taller than they are wide as they will be much more successful in Pinterest. The ideal image size is approximately 736px wide by at least 1128px tall.

6. Write kick a** blog titles. Here’s a helpful Hubspot article to give you some ideas: http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/a-simple-formula-for-writing-kick-ass-titles-ht

7. Utilize a blog editorial calendar. I actually need to work on this area myself. Here’s a complete guide to choosing a blog content editorial from the Buffer.app blog: http://blog.bufferapp.com/all-about-content-calendar

Social Media Monday

What tips would you add? Has this article been helpful? If so, I’d love it if you could share it on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google+!


  1. Mary Bernard says:

    Jamie, Really helpful tips. Thank you! I’ve got #1 down, but I still need to fine-tune your other points. (Why is it so easy to help others with this stuff and not get around to your own blog?) Oh, well, Always a work in progress, I guess. 🙂 Going to check out your links now.

    (P.S. Looks like you may have a few spammy comments here. 🙂 )

  2. Mary Bernard says:

    Hey. Just tried #2 for both my blog and yours. I got nothing. Complete blank screen with the Pinterest header at the top. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

    • Blonde Mom says:

      Mary, be sure to add the .com I had left that out in the Pinterest source tip in #2. I’ve corrected it in the post now. Thanks!

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