Find Your Social Media Voice

Social Media MondayToday everyone Tweets, every brand has a Facebook page, and even my middle schooler is on Instagram. Social media is a given when it comes to branding. But how do you find your social media voice? How do you make it stand out amidst the daily barrage of digital noise?

As part of my Social Media Monday series I’ve been focusing quite a bit on the practical implementation side, but today I want to hone in on the thought process behind creating content. There is no shortage today of social media dashboards, tools, and helpful apps, but the real heart and soul of social media lies in the people behind it and the content they create. Scheduling posts and status updates is often a necessity for the sake of time management, especially if you are managing multiple channels, but authentic social media, whether it be for your blog or your business, can’t be solely plug and play and walk away.

Whether you’ve been blogging for 5 months or 5 years, it’s important to find your social media voice. How can your content be heard as your share information and inspiration with your community of followers? Remember, you want your brand to make an indelible mark in the very crowded social media world. Bloggers work hard on optimizing SEO, but what’s drawing new visitors to your site back for more? What’s your “so what” antidote that will prevent visitors to your site from clicking away?

As you create content for your brand and develop a strategy and editorial calendar, how can your VOICE be heard? Here are some ideas for creating the type of content that is audible above the din of digital chatter, or finding your VOICE –

  • Add value
  • Be original
  • Inspire others to action
  • Provide comic relief
  • Engage with your audience


Are you sharing information that adds value to your community of followers? Regularly follow industry publications and social media channels to update your followers on trends and data impacting their niche. Sharing helpful content across your social media channels establishes you as a go to source for your niche, whether its baking or small business.


What is it that makes your company or your brand YOU? What’s original or one-of-a-kind about your product or you as a blogger? What do you bring to the table that irresistable or intriguing?? Don’t have a copy and paste content strategy. Let your personality shine through your content. Your content, just like your brand, should be memorable…make it something worth stopping for on the busy highway of social media.


Share content that will uplift your community and encourage them. Photographs are particularly impactful, especially for nonprofits, and paint a visual picture that words can’t always describe. Do you have a personal twist to a current event or topic? How can your insight provide value.


Humor is a universal language and I believe that laughter really can be the best medicine. Don’t be afraid to make your followers laugh or, more importantly, to laugh at yourself as a brand. The new Old Spice campaign is a perfect example of this.


Monitor your community of followers and engage with them on a regular basis. Social media is a 24/7 conversation. Respond in real time to community and customer inquiries, comments, and other remarks. Ask questions. Publish an annual readership poll. Monitor your analytics to see what type of content truly resonates with your followers. Don’t forget that social media should be inherently social. Don’t be stingy with your content or great ideas. So much of social media is about sharing.

Bloggers, how did you find your social media voice, or have you yet? What unique talents and traits do you have that make your brand memorable?




  1. Katie Rushton says:

    Love all of these ideas Jamie!! It’s so easy to get caught up in the whole social media craziness. It’s nice to be reminded to step back and really engage, rather than just making sure you get a post up. 🙂

  2. Phyllis Nichols says:

    Love the humor angle. It’s definitely something that people enjoy and let’s face it – scrolling thru FB posts that make you smile will always be a winner! Great tips.

  3. Krista Dial says:

    Fabulouso insight, as always, Jamie! 🙂 Comic relief is definitely key! And so is audience engagement. That’s definitely something I’ve learned. One-way social media is just not effective. I appreciate you sharing your expertise, Jamie!

  4. Mary Bernard says:

    Great ideas, Jamie! I think the hardest one for me is “Be Original.” Not that I’m NOT always original, but I often get caught in the unhelpful and untrue psychological trap of “I’ve got nothing new or different or original to say to these people.”

    But after listening to many of the “gurus” teach on the topic, I have come to realize this. There may not be anything “new under the sun,” but there is only ONE me. And my take on it IS original, unique, and one-of-a-kind.

    Always drilling down to tap into my uniqueness. 🙂

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