10 Steps To Spring Clean Your Social Media

It’s officially spring and although you may be focusing on sprucing up your yard or decluttering your house, when was the last time you cleaned up your social media presence?

Steps To Spring Clean Your Social Media

Here are 10 simple steps to spring clean your social media accounts:

LinkedIn – Have you recently changed positions or completed a major project? Be sure to update your LinkedIn profile so that it reflects your current career status and projects.

TwitterΒ  – When was the last time you updated your Twitter bio? Make sure it’s still relevant. Consider using a program such as Tweepi to “clean out” followers who no longer post or are relevant to your niche. Twitter lists are also a great way to organize the accounts you follow.

Facebook Page – If your blog or business has a Facebook page, be sure you include the URL to your blog or website in the short description section so people don’t have to click on About in your Facebook cover photo header in order to find the outbound link to your site. Simply click edit on the About section and then add your URL to the short description so it shows up directly in your header as seen below:

Blonde Mom Blog About FB


Profile Photos – Make sure your profile photos are consistent across all platforms and feature a current image.

Facebook Cover Photo – If you have a Facebook page for your blog or website, consider changing it up for spring/summer or to promote your latest product or download.

Blog Widgets – Update your blog widgets to the most current versions and remove those you no longer find useful.

Blog Sidebar – If you have ad code that can be updated seasonally, change it to reflect spring/summer. For example, I have a standing Amazon ad on my sidebar and recently updated it to reflect their Mother’s Day deals. Remove any outdated blog buttons or consider moving them to a separate page for a cleaner look.

Pinterest – Did you know you can rearrange your Pinterest boards on your profile page? Rearrange your Pinterest boards to highlight your most popular content or seasonal boards (summer fun, travel, grilling, etc.) Change up your featured board photos. Make sure your bio is up to date.

Blog Bio – Make sure your blog bio is up to date and highlights the most relevant information. My younger daughter just turned 9 so I made sure I updated her age on my About page as well as sidebar bio.

Email Signature – Using Wisestamp or a set email signature? Make sure it’s still timely and up to date. Change it up for the season by highlighting relevant content such as your family travel section or a Pinterest board you’ve created on summer activities, etc.

Social Media Monday

Was this helpful? What tips do you have? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. Mary Bernard says:

    Oh, and another I’d add — update your photo/profile/info on discussion networks like Disqus, Blogger, etc. I realized that I had several different photos, URLs, and usernames scattered among the different commenting networks. I’m trying to get all of those more uniform. I think it helps your brand identity as you comment at different blogs. πŸ™‚

  2. Scarlet says:

    These are great tips. It is so easy to set it and forget it but that just shows that you are comfortable letting things slide. Thanks for the reminders! I will pin this right now:)

    • Jamie says:

      Ack! I was having an error about a week ago in WordPress and deactivated it. Will look at that now. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  3. Krista Dial says:

    This is definitely one area that I don’t think about Spring cleaning!! Great tips here, Jamie! I feel like there’s always a widget that needs to be updating…so this definitely reminds me to head over there and start sprucing some things up! Thanks Jamie!

  4. Lisa says:

    Great post…. I need to work on at least 5 of the items. Spent all week updating my website and transferring my blog to my website…. so much work!!! Glad I did it though!

  5. Regina says:

    Thanks for sharing these great tips. I’m now creating my signature on Wisestamp thanks to your blog. πŸ™‚ (Visiting from SITSGIRLS)

  6. Angie Nelson says:

    Excellent advice. I spent much of April making sure all of my online profiles were up to date and accurate. Get those Twitter and Interests Lists can be a huge time saver and make for better, more effective marketing.

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