The Easter Bunny Doesn’t Bring Uggs And Other Heartbreaking News

Pastel colored jelly beans for Easter.

Now that I have one daughter quickly approaching her teen years and one daughter about to close out her elementary school days, our Easter bunny requests are getting more elaborate.

When your kids are little they are perfectly content to slobber over a few plastic eggs filled with jelly beans. As they get older, their basket dreams get more complex. Heck, plain ole jelly beans don’t even cut it any more, truth be told. You’ve got to have Starburst or Jelly Belly or Lifesaver jelly beans. I’m just thankful no Pinterest-crazed mom has invented a Bunny on the Shelf concept…yet. Orchestrating bunny visits, church, egg dyeing and Easter fashion is complicated enough!

Here are a few sound bytes from my girls from our Easter weekend:

Mom, does the Easter bunny bring Ugg boots?

Can we throw these eggs away…they STINK! (one hour after laboriously coloring said eggs.)

You know what the Easter bunny brought one time that I REALLY loved? Nerds flavored lip balm. You think he could find that again?

Mom, you can have ONE bite of a peep and that’s it (daughter rips Peep’s head off.)

Her basket is bigger than mine!

Mom, your hair looks REALLY crazy.

You know how some families do Easter egg hunts on Easter morning and each egg holds a clue to where the baskets are? “No…who do you know who does that?” No one…but I KNOW some people do that!

This is my second big time of year to get candy…I cannot be deprived of my sugar!

How was your Easter, peeps? Ours was wonderful until a bird pooped on me while I was sitting on our back patio. And hey if YOUR Easter Bunny brings Uggs let me know. I could use new shoes in my Easter basket next year. 😉

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