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Zen of Mowing

Not our mower, but we do have a push mower (self-propelled oh yeah!)

I will let ya’ll in on a little secret.

I like to mow. OK ok I LOVE to mow.

I’ve never really been into yard work but I discovered the zen of mowing a couple of years ago.

I thought I might be the only mama out there who finds the peace and solitude of mowing appealing but chatting at a soccer tourney with another mom I mentioned I’d mowed the yard recently and confessed to my love for it. “I really LOVE to mow. I know that’s crazy,” I confessed. “That’s not normal, right?”

“Oh gosh, NO, I love it, too! I mean peace and quiet and just me and the yard. Are you kidding? No one talking to me or bugging me? Yes! I totally get it. It’s my alone time.”

This woman was my kindred spirit in mow-dom. We’d both discovered the peace and quiet of mowing.

Don’t get me wrong, I will never trade in a spa treatment for yard work, but turn me loose with a mower on a beautiful sunny day and I will whistle while I work and enjoy the hum and repetition of the mower and precious minutes of clearing my mind before I fill it with a hundred mental Post It notes. As soon as the mower stops, one of my kids will need something to eat, something to drink or a ride somewhere. Mowing is my little zen retreat that I share with my mower.

Do you like to mow the yard?

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