10 Ways To Rock Your Facebook Fan Page

Social Media Monday

It’s hard to believe that Facebook is a decade old. I use it almost daily for both personal and professional use, whether it’s to update family and friends about my girls’ activities or promote client news.

Facebook is the Godfather of Social Media. You wanna piece of me? You probably can find one on Facebook (plus a couple of pics of me in my big-hair glory days of the 80s and 90s if you dig around enough!)

According to the Pew Research Tank, Facebook is the dominant social networking platform, used by 57% of all adults and 73% of all those ages 12-17.  The number of adults using Facebook also continues to increase, despite the fact that many tweens (like my 11-year-old who’d rather post shout outs and selfies to Instagram) and teens are gravitating toward other social media outlets: 64% of Facebook users visit the site daily, up from 51% in 2010.

Whether you’ve had a blog Facebook page for a few years or you are managing a Facebook page for your church or as a volunteer for a nonprofit, it’s always helpful to review ways to maximize your Facebook page presence and reinforce your online branding.

I’ve compiled a list of 10 tips for rocking your Facebook brand page, whether it’s for your blog or business (and for many bloggers their blog is their business):

Post pictures. Facebook is all about the eye candy and an image is much more likely to be clicked on and read than a straight  Something you might want to try is uploading an image from your blog post to Facebook, and then giving it a good caption that includes a link back to your original blog post. I do this rather than simply add the link and have the image upload as an attachment to that link. Get creative with pictures (make collages, etc.) and use them to ask questions, prompt discussions, poll readers, etc.

Time it out. Early morning, lunch time, and late at night seem to jive well with my Facebook fans. According to this post by social media scientist Dan  Zarella, the best time to share on Facebook is late in the day (with likes peaking at 8 p.m. EST). Keep an eye on your Facebook page stats, however, to see when your fans are most likely to engage.

Ask questions. Some of my most engaging Facebook blog page posts have been simple questions about everyday things that everyone can relate to, whether it’s a query about what book everyone is reading or an informal survey to see what everyone is making for dinner. Tailor your questions to your audience and use them to start a back and forth conversation.
Be a good Facebook social media “neighbor.” Promote other bloggers and engage with them by liking or sharing their Facebook posts or blog updates.
Make your fans feel like VIPs. Give fans access to exclusive content that you would normally not offer on your blog.  For example, offer a discount coupon, trial samples, sneak previews, sales, breaking news in the topics you write about, exclusive giveaways or discount codes.
Engage with your readers.  Check your message inbox and set up notifications to ensure you receive updates. Respond to comments on posts as quickly as you can.
Aim for validity, not virality. The next “What Does the Fox Say?” video may go viral, but it may not be a good fit for your Facebook page. Post content because it connects with your readers, not because you think it will get the most likes.
Promote past content. Use Facebook to promote seasonal content from your archives, such as holiday posts, back-to-school tips, recipes, helpful how to lists, etc.
Schedule posts. Let’s face it, social media management can be overwhelming. Use Facebook’s scheduler to preschedule periodic posts to fill in the content void. I will typically schedule 3 or 4 fun and engaging posts for the week on Saturday or Sunday. That way my page is on autopilot for a few posts a week and if I miss posting an update the page won’t be so quiet. I am NOT a fan, however, of setting blog updates to autopost. (Looks way too robotic for me.)
Show your personal side. I love it when authors or other well-known bloggers post pictures of their family, pets, from vacations, holidays, etc. Connecting with your fans on a more personal basis goes a long way to presenting you and your brand as approachable and real.
Do you have any tips for engaging with fans on Facebook? Please add them to the comments below!

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