10 Tips For Rocking Your About Me Page

Social Media Monday

Bloggers, when was the last time you updated your About Me page?

In doing blogger research I’ve read many an About Me page and it’s definitely worth fine-tuning and updating on a regular basis. This is your elevator pitch, your resume, your “hey, this is why you should read my blog,” and “this is why I’m so awesome you should work with me page” rolled into one.

No pressure, right?

Here are some quick tips for making your About Me page stand out:

  1. Update your stats – Make sure you have links to all of your social media channels along with updated follower numbers.
  2. Include your contact info – I know many blogs include a separate “Contact” page, but don’t make it difficult for people to contact you. Include your email address and bold the text. List all your social media channels.
  3. List all conferences – Include a bulleted list of blogger/social media/marketing, etc. events you have attended.
  4. Worked with any brands? List your brand affiliations and link to the brand and the relevant post.
  5. Keep it succinct- Use bulleted lists. Don’t turn off potential readers or brands with a sea of text.
  6. Add a personal touch – Include a recent photograph of yourself that’s more “real” than “resume.” Do you have a crazy quirk or hobby? Tell your readers about it.
  7. Highlight your topics – Are you a foodie who has cats and loves hydroponic gardening? Are you a crafty mama who makes your kids clothes and is into baby wearing? Are you an over 40 fashionista? Do you write about food, fashion, parenting, productivity, faith? Let your readers know what your blog is all about.
  8. List your favorite posts – This is a great way for new readers or potential advertisers to get a quick snapshot of what you, and your blog, are all about.
  9. Add mentions and other affiliations – Has your blog been featured on other blogs or in any online magazines? Do you write elsewhere on the Internet? List any mentions or shout outs.
  10. Thank your readers – Be sure to thank visitors for taking the time to read your blog.

A few more tips – If you work with brands, publish product reviews, or include affiliate links, include a disclosure statement. And, if you’ve been at this blogging thing a while, you might want to consider creating a separate media kit link for potential advertisers and brands. I also think it’s a great idea to link your Twitter bio to your blog About Me page. Have you founded a link up or series? Be sure to highlight those.

Here a few more great posts about how to rock your About Me page:

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And here are a few examples of bloggers with great About Me pages (I’ve included a variety of different types of blogs):

Bog Clarity (I LOVE how she highlighted her most popular posts as Pinnable graphics. Genius!

Food Family & Finds

Musings of a Housewife

Get Your Pretty On

Jenny on the Spot, (You want an About Me with personality, this girl has GOT IT GOIN’ ON)

White on Rice

Andrea Dekker

Now, dust off that About Me page and rock it! I’ll be working on my About Me page this week.

Was this post helpful to you? What else would you include? Do you have other ideas for my new Social Media Mondays series? Please let me know. I would love YOUR feedback!





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