Fashion Friday: All Owl, All the Time

I’m not usually one to hop on the latest fashion trend wagon. My daily working mom outfit this winter has pretty much been boots, jeans, and a sweater. I do love adding fun accessories or an occasionally trendy piece, though. Although I’m not a crazy fan girl of animal prints or prints in general (unless it’s leopard or snakeskin), the new owl motif is everywhere and I think in subtle touches it’s fun. My older daughter’s school mascot is the owl, so I’ve noticed it even more this year. Owls are everywhere!

Here are two outfits I put together on Polyvore featuring subtle owl themes. These are great examples of how you can feature a trend, without going overboard.

I really love this flowy navy top with an owl print and the bracelets also have an owl theme. This outfit would look great in the fall, be a good transitional look for late winter and early spring.

Subtle Owl Casual Look
This second outfit is more neutral and would look great for transitioning into spring. The bangle bracelet features a gold owl and the white tank has a small owl embellishment. Plus I am REALLY digging the gold polka dot Converse for spring!
Casua Metallic and Owl Set
Which outfit do you like best?
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