Because We Needed Even More Dog Hair In Our Lives

Meet Dapper

There just seems to be something about my family and the holidays and dogs.

We are HUGE dog lovers. We’ve had two dogs, Bailey and Jack, since before Miss C was born in 2002 and we had to put our old girl Bailey to sleep a few years ago. We “inherited” Zoey the neighborhood dog two years ago last Christmas break when she got loose and literally ran into our house. As tradition would have it, another dog found us again during the holidays.

We have a new distinguished gentleman dog at our house.

Internet meet Dapper. Dapper is 15 but don’t let his age fool you. Age is just a number after all.


As you can clearly see, Dapper is really having a tough time adjusting to his new environment. There is a lot of napping and sunning to be done at our house and well, that can really be exhausting.

Dapper and Zoey

Dapper’s mom passed away in December after a long bout with cancer. Her niece teaches P.E. at Miss A’s school. When she posted a picture of Dapper on Facebook and said she was seeking a foster home for him, I just couldn’t resist taking the girls to meet him. Of course, I made sure this was all contingent upon him getting along with our other resident senior dog, Jack, and our wild Zoey, who’s more in the crazy college girl on spring break stage of canine youth than the golden years of dogdom.

Dapper is a sweet boy and yes we are probably insane to have three dogs, but he’s part of the family now.

The more dog hair the merrier!

Are you a dog lover?



  1. Kaye says:

    That is a great thing you have done. I am sure Dapper will be very happy with the girls. Thankfully we are down to two dogs again. 🙂

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