Nike Wants You to Free Your Moves, And Unleash Your Inner Shoe Designer

Disclosure: Nike provided us with credit to purchase two custom pairs of Nike Free 5.0 athletic shoes. I received no additional compensation for this post.

When Nike approached us about collaborating on their #freeyourmoves campaign this fall and I told my girls they could design their very own Nikes online with the Nike iD system, they were totally excited. They are both creative and kids, no matter what age, love to create their own signature look. They couldn’t wait to get their custom Nikes in the mail and wear them to school!

Both my girls are really active and love playing outside. My older daughter plays on a travel soccer team and has been a soccer girl since she was 4. My younger daughter loves gymnastics and dancing. Seriously, the girl has some fierce moves on the dance floor!

Nike Free 5.0 athletic shoes are completely customizable, from the trademark Nike Swoosh to the lining to the sole and shoelaces. I love all of the color options. You can also add a name or whatever phrasing you like to your shoes. My 8-year-old chose to put her name on her Nikes.

These shoes aren’t limited to little ones, though. They are available in all sizes, from infant and toddler size all the way up to mom and dad size. I think I need to order my own custom kicks soon.

The online process is incredibly easy and if you’re indecisive about just what look you want you can save multiple looks to your “locker” once you’ve created an account. If you need a little inspiration to get you started, you can also start with a look you like and make it your own. Check out all the options!

Start Nike ID inspiration pics

While you are designing your shoes, you can pivot the image to get a 360-degree view of what your shoe will look like. Pretty amazing.

My girls both have their own unique sense of style and they came up with completely different designs. My 8-year-old designed hers to be a more fall color scheme, while my 11-year-old middle schooler went totally bright and neon. Check them out!

Custom Nikes

Hubby bought our 11-year-old a new bike shortly after her new Nikes arrived and she couldn’t wait to try them out biking. She had some coupon books to deliver for a school fundraiser and spent a recent Saturday afternoon breaking in her new Nike 5.0s.

 Custom Nike Free Your Moves

Nike Free Your Moves Bike

If your kids are like mine, they go through shoes a couple of times a year. Not only are Nike 5.0s really pretty cool to look at and wear (not to mention comfortable), they’re designed with growing feet in mind.

Nike Free Your Moves Fact Sheet

Have you seen Nike’s new custom shoes? What do you think? What do you look for in athletic shoes for your kids?

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