10 Weekend Time Savers For Busy Moms

Weekend Time Savers


Being a full-time working mom means time (and sleep for that matter) is precious. Although I am more of a Martha Slacker than a Martha Stewart there are a few things I’ve learned save me time and make life a little less harried come Friday night so I can thoroughly enjoy the weekend and any glorious down time we have between soccer games, Girl Scout meetings, sleepovers, and other tween social life obligations.

Here are 10 weekend time savers from my mama’s bag of tricks:

1. Reserve DVDs online. You know how you go to your neighborhood Redbox on a Friday evening, stand in line for 10 minutes behind super indecisive 19-year-old boy and date and mom with hyper children tugging on her only to find that there is NOTHING available except for a documentary about sheep herding in New Zealand? You can visit Redbox online, search for a kiosk by zip code and reserve and pay for your movies without leaving your chair. You can then just pick them up after work or on your lunch break and breeze right on home.

2. Download free ebooks.  I love the Metro Davidson County Libary ebook system. I can check out books from home or work and download them through my Amazon account straight to my Kindle. Your local library probably has a similar program. There are also tons of frugal living blogs that regularly list free Amazon ebook downloads (just do a quick Google search) and Amazon updates their free downloads list online.

3. Reserve movie tickets online – Use Fandango online or their smart phone app to buy tickets from your smartphone in advance.

4. Buy theme park tickets online. We headed to Nashville Shores this summer and I purchased our tickets in advance online. Easy peasy.

5. Share a color-coded electronic calendar. My husband and I share our Google calendars. I have color codes for work, soccer, and my general appointments and social obligations. I’m also a big fan of the flair icons for different activities. I’m still a pen and paper list kind of gal so this was a stubborn transition for me but it definitely helps us coordinate our schedules.

6. Stock a gift cabinet. You never know when you’re going to realize you have a birthday party or some other social function to go to and you need an impromptu child’s gift or hostess gift. Stock up on clearance generic type gifts that work well for any occasion (such as candles, craft sets, etc.)

7. Run errands on your Friday lunch break. If I need to pick up anything or take care of any errands that I can knock out during my lunch break to free up my weekend then I go ahead and take care of them. I don’t know about you, but it feels great to cross items off my never-ending to do list.

8. Establish homework goals early. Now that my older daughter is in middle school she invariably has homework or projects to to work on over the weekend. We discuss the weekend’s homework schedule on Friday and break it down into manageable times so that she’s not waiting until 9 o’clock Sunday to inform me she had an epic science project to work on.

9. Divide and conquer chores on Saturday. Laundry, yard work, cleaning the kitchen…we all dig in and get ‘er done!

10. Save Sunday for down time and planning the week ahead. Whether we’re going to church or headed to soccer, I try to keep Sundays relatively low key as we get ready to gear up for another school and work week. I could lie to ya’ll and say I also sit down and plan out the week’s meals on Sunday but I’m more of a fly by the seat of her pants kind of mom and not so great at meal planning BUT do as I say I should do and not as I actually do. Plus I am very lucky to be married to a guy who loves to cook (and is much better at it than I am!)

Do you have any tips for saving time on the weekends?



  1. Raj @Pink Chai Style says:

    Great tips! My favourite is the Sunday planning session. On Sunday morning I plan my week, go through school notices, have the kids help me plan meals and lunches. Taking the time to stop and think about the week has made a huge difference in controlling the chaos in our home!

  2. Nitesh says:

    112Hello! I’ve been following your weibtse for some time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Porter Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the fantastic job!

  3. Katharine in Brussels says:

    Hi there from across the pond, thanks for the advice 🙂 Over the weekends I prep some of the meals for the week: fire up the oven and bake sweet potatoes on the baking sheet and ‘popcorn cauliflower’ (cauliflower with olive oil–salt optional, cut up in a glass baking dish) on another rack. I also make quinoa or amaranth for the week and pack two servings for those mornings when I run out of time to eat it with yogurt and some nuts for breakfast at home. I also steam some broccoli and cut up some veg for the week ahead. About once a week I break out the slow cooker for a tomato-based stew with cut veg and whatever else I want to put in, then dinner is ready when we get home. I also like doing that for Saturdays when we get home from doing the shopping rather late, and I’m not in the mood for cooking. In any case, it’s surprising for me how making a few side dishes over the weekend can make dinner much easier to put on the table. Our family is moving from an apartment to a home next month, and when we have more space I’m going to set out clothes for the week for my young children and I, which I think will simultaneously cut down on putting away laundry time and ease the morning rush. That’s gonna be a priority because we’re moving a bit farther away 🙂 Thanks for asking, hope these ideas help 🙂

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