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Hi there Blonde Mom Blog readers, I’m Jenny Rapson, blog author at Mommin’ It Up and makeup junkie extraordinaire. I love doing my makeup so much that I started a hashtag for it on Instagram and Twitter: #doyourmakeup. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter and search the hashtag to see me do my makeup every darn day. Play along if you’d like, lots of people do and hashtag their own makeup pics with #doyourmakeup – it’s fun to see everyone’s looks!


One of my passions is showing busy women like myself that you can do your makeup and be pulled together without having to spend an hour on your face. Some tutorials I have to this end are how to make your eyes pop with just two eye shadow colors and how to create a simple smoky eye. Today I want to tell you how to use one of my favorite beauty products that EVERY woman should use, but the majority do not: lip liner.

You can get by in life with just one or two lip liner colors. You don’t need to have a slew of them (although if you do, that’s perfectly acceptable. I have to tell myself this so I won’t shame-spiral because I *may* own eight or nine.) but you do need to wear lip liner every day, every time you put on lipstick. Ya hear me? This is not optional! Here’s why: lip liner is what keeps your lipstick on. You can make just about any lipstick long-wearing lip liner under it. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not for drawing yourself an entirely new-shaped lip and filling it in with lipstick. It’s for lining the outside of and completely filling in the lips you already have. If you do this before you put lipstick on, your lipstick will last much, much longer. THIS IS TRUTH! Makeup gospel, I am telling you.

Lip Liner Yes No

The other great thing about lip liner is that you can make one lipstick look totally different by using it with different lip liner colors. So, you can have a slew of lip liners and just a few lipsticks, or vice-versa. Whatever floats your boat. But allow me to demonstrate how two different liners can give the same lipstick color a personality change.

lipstick and liners text

One of my favorite lipsticks, Copper Star. Neutral liner on the left, Cappucino liner on the right.

I used one of my favorite lipsticks, Copper Star, over a favorite lip liner, with the creative name, “neutral” first and then over a darker liner called “cappucino” to show you how different the same lipstick can look paired with different lip liners. You can really get a lot of looks our of your lipstick!

liner lipstick collage text

Cool, right? Liners can really add versatility to your favorite lipstick colors.If you’re not a makeup junkie, but one who views it as more of a necessary evil, or someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot on cosmetics, I suggest purchasing one or two neutral lip liners. I like Mary Kay’s “neutral” and “caramel” as my go-to. Neutral can be worn with anything, it even looks great under red lipstick. And caramel is a lovely, light warm color that looks great under clear gloss if you are going for the nude lip look. (But I wear it under all my warmer-tones lipsticks. Search your favorite makeup brands liner selection and I am sure you’ll find some similar colors. (Revlon’s “nude” and “natural” seem like they would be great comparative colors.)

One more lip liner suggestion: Get a retractable kind, not a pencil that you have to sharpen. They may “last longer” in theory but I find that in general they are just a big ol’ pain in the MOUTH.

What do you think? Are you a lip-liner-lover? Will you be now? I double-dog dare you to start wearing it as I’ve described above. It will make your lipstick last all day and you’ll never go back!

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  1. Mary Bernard says:

    OK, OK … I’ll recommit myself to my lip liner. I am a lipstick addict, but I have waffled on lip liner use. But I know how wonderful it can be! 🙂

    Thanks, Jenny, for your post. And your makeup looks so pretty!

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