New Tips at VUMC Children’s Hospital Blog: Banish Boredom, Savor Summer

Wave Pool Beech Bend

Water parks…never a bad idea, especially when you get there as soon as the pools open!

I’ve got summer on the brain (now if only my white legs will get in the spirit of things and tan already!)

My latest post for the Wishing Well Blog for the Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s Hospital is live and it’s all about creative activities for keeping tweens busy (and bored free!) Screen time is an easy cop out, but the summer childhood memories I remember most fondly don’t involve any kind of video game or TV show, what about you? Think outside the box, and screen, and create memories with your kids this summer. Tweens are past the sippy cup days but not yet in high school and they are active and energetic. Get them outdoors!


What are some of your favorite summer activities for tweens to banish boredom and savor summer?

Go check out 10 Fun Summer Activities for Tweens and let me know if you have additional ideas. I’m all for banishing the “MOM, I’m boreds!”

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