Feeling Better This Spring, And All Year Long, With Airocide

Living in Nashville and suffering from allergies, unfortunately, go hand in hand (and typically that hand is clutching a tissue!)

My husband has had allergies his entire life and I deal with seasonal allergies, especially in the spring. Making our home in pollen central, also known as Middle Tennessee, isn’t the best scenario and I often joke that when we retire we need to retire to a more allergy friendly climate. We also have two dogs in and out of the house and although neither one of us has pet dander allergies, it can’t help the air quality in our home that one of our dogs is one heck of a prolific shedder. Typically at least one of our dogs, Zoey or Jack, sleeps on the floor in our bedroom at night. Miss A, my 8-year-old, also deals with seasonal allergies and has had episodes in the past when she has had to have breathing treatments for upper respiratory infections.

Airocide contacted me earlier this year about reviewing their state-of-the-art air purification system and what really caught my attention was the fact that Airocide uses NASA developed technology…this was no ordinary air filter. I knew the Airocide would be a great fit for my family and our home with our history of allergies and our dogs (it removes pet dander and pet odors from the air…I repeat REMOVES them. Yes!) As a busy mom I’d rather invest in one high quality product guaranteed to provide peace of mind, not to mention clean air, for years to come, rather than deal with cleaning filter blades or changing out filters.

The Airocide is ready to use right out of the box, no assembly or filters to purchase because it’s filterless. Instead of filtering the air, it actually cleans the air. It’s recommended that you place the Airocide Air Purification System off the floor so I have it placed on the nightstand table in our master bedroom. As you can see, it has a modern design that looks downright cool. And so far this spring I haven’t taken any over the counter allergy meds.

Airocide Air Filter Purification System


The Airocide has two power settings, high and low, and both feature a nice white-noise factor (which I am a huge fan of.) The unit comes with a “reaction chamber” that needs replacing once a year, but when you purchase the Airocide you receive two in the packaging.

Airocide is also garnering the attention of some celebrity fans. It was recently featured on Ellen as she is a big fan Airocide and uses it in her own personal office.

Here’s a little more about Airocide from the official website:

Airocide has helped thousands of allergy sufferers, and is hard at work in homes right now helping to decrease the symptoms of allergies and help people live better lives. Because Airocide eliminates (not filters) virtually 100% of all airborne pathogens including the main allergy triggers: mold, fungi, pollen, dust mites, viruses, bacteria and VOC’s — basically the harmful gasses emitted by products like aerosol sprays, cleaning supplies, dry-cleaned clothing, building materials, pesticides, carpet, furniture and even air fresheners (a claim traditional air filters can’t even come close to making). We’ve seen dramatic improvements for users across the country.


Airocide also has more than a decade’s worth of research behind it. Airocide purifiers have actually been in use in industrial and commercial settings, such as grocery stores and food-packing plants, since 1998, and they were introduced to medical settings such as hospitals in 2003. Here are some highlighted results from 12 years of scientific testing in the United States, field use on the Space Station, lab studies and case studies:

Surgery – average results 73% reduction in bacteria and mold
Office – average results 72% reduction in bacteria and mold
Households – average results 75% reduction in bacteria and mold
Childcare Center – average results 60% reduction in bacteria and mold
Dental Private Practices – average results 81% reduction in bacteria and mold

The Airocide air purification system is not an inexpensive purchase — at $799 it is definitely more of a long-lasting investment for your home — but it’s definitely worth looking into if your family suffers from ongoing allergy issues or asthma. Think of the peace of mind (not to mention the cost savings on medical bills and allergy medication over the years) that the Airocide will provide. And the company is so sure you will see a difference that it offers a risk free for 60 days guarantee or you will receive your money back.

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Disclosure: We were sent an Airocide air purification system to try out in our home. No other compensation was provided. As always, all opinions and thoughts on my blog are my own.

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