Dirty Dishes Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

My husband is the one who wears the chef’s hat in our house. I’m a follow the recipe kind of girl, while he’s more of an adventurer in the kitchen. His awesome cooking is well worth all the dirty dishes!

He’s also a wee bit messy in the kitchen. But if a few (dozen) dirty dishes result in great culinary feats, I’m cool with that.

Our new Hybrid Stainless Dishwasher from GE features their most advanced wash system, conquering dirty dishes with 65% more power than any prior GE dishwasher models. Three separate pressurized, full coverage washing arms do all the dirty work for you, plus there are dedicated jets just for getting your silverware clean. There’s nothing worse than finding a spinach leaf stuck to your “clean” fork.

Cleaning the kitchen is never fun, but at least it’s a little bit easier for us now.

Check out this cool little video from GE showcasing all the bells and whistles their latest dishwasher has to offer and tell me in the comments if you’re a clean the kitchen as you go kind of cook or if you just blow it out, enjoy your meal, and leave clean up for later!

Disclosure: I received a GE Hybrid Stainless Steel Interior Dishwasher in exchange for a series of posts reviewing the appliance.


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