Sick Day Sanity Savers

Down with a bug? I was last week…the FLU bug to be exact. I have never sweated so much in my life (sorry TMI but holy night sweats and thank God for deodorant!) I’m also thankful that I did not get sick this week as this Thursday afternoon I am headed to Nairobi, Kenya, on a mission trip with Every Girl Counts!

The flu started going through Miss C’s soccer team last weekend after an indoor tournament and her coach started alerting all of us team parents via email. When I started feeling bad and running a 102 fever on Monday I knew what it was and I promptly headed to the walk-in clinic, got tested, and walked (or dragged myself I should say) out with a prescription for Tamiflu. I still was out for almost a week, though, from work.

Thankfully my hubby and girls managed to dodge the flu bullet (I wiped down every immobile surface in the house with antibacterial wipes and quarantined myself in the bedroom) we’re still in the throes of sick kiddo season at school, be it sniffles, strep throat, or whatnot. Being down for the count with a sick little one can be stressful, but you can also turn it into a little quality time with your kiddo.

My quarterly blog post is up today at the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. I share 10 Sick Day Sanity Savers for sick kids.

My adult version of must have Sick Day Sanity Savers:


Clean sheets and tons of comfy pillows

White noise

Words with Friends or your game app of choice

Netflix (although I was honestly so sick most of the time last week that I didn’t even feel like watching TV or movies…SADNESS! I mean what are sick days worth if you are too damn sick to even watch a movie or three?)

Gatorade or hot tea (depending on how you are feeling)

Soft tissues

Decent pjs and slipper socks – when you’re feeling crummy, there’s something about doing it in something other than random sweats and old t-shirts that makes you feel a little better. Seriously, though, cute slipper socks can cheer you up when nothing about you is remotely cute.

Rest, rest, and more rest.

WHISKEY….(not really kidding on that one but when you have a bad cough, a hot toddy can do wonders…thankfully my version of the flu had a very minimal cough)


Has your family been hit with the flu this winter? What sanity savers do you need to survive sick days?


  1. Neiddy says:

    Thank God nobody in our family has gotten the flu in months but last time my kids got it plenty of rest and drinking lots of fluid helped a lot. Thanks for the Sanity savers!

  2. Gwyn Shepard says:

    Glad you didn’t have much of a cough, but in case you do some time, our remedy for night time cough is to put Vicks Vapor Rub on our feet, then put socks on and go to bed….it amazing stops the cough.

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